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  • The blessed hope is a purifying hope.
  • Last night the sea was sadly purifying the earth.
  • It is a separating, purifying hope.
  • In this way oxygen acts as a great purifying agent.
  • The thought of her was like a sweet, purifying stimulant.
  • It might be procured and undergo the purifying influence of water.
  • It's a merciful sort of death, and very purifying to such a chap as this.

How To Use Purifying In A Sentence?

  • The most effective way of purifying natural waters is by the process of distillation.
  • Some of his cofeuilletonists declare that purifying waters seldom touch their calcined skin.
  • The former is concerned with self-discipline, the cleansing and purifying of the mind.
  • Eventually the sound would change its timbre as the purifying agents became less efficient.
  • Practical forces in shaping character, purifying taste and elevating standards.
  • We ought to be swarming the bees, pressing the honey, boiling and purifying the wax.
  • He knew the purifying force of suffering borne for God; he knew also the danger of despair.
  • Let no one ever depend upon fumigations, "disinfectants," and the like, for purifying the air.
  • This is soluble in alkalies, and these are the agents which are commonly employed for purifying the skin.
  • The prophet's method of a symbolic purifying of the temple was exactly suited to this purpose.
  • True religion is seated in the heart, and sends out from thence a purifying influence over the whole character.
  • A simpler and equally efficient method for purifying water for drinking purposes consists in boiling the water.
  • The kindly old priest on guard smiled as he sprinkled them with the purifying salt water out of the brazen laver.
  • The fly that takes the sweetness from the dregs of the cup compensates by purifying the air and keeping back the pestilence.
  • The purifying material must not be packed so closely in the tube as to prevent air from passing freely through it under a very low pressure.
  • A true perception and acknowledgment of beauty is then certainly elevating; exalting and purifying the mind in accordance with its degree.
  • It is a purifying process, an emptying out of all that is worrying, self-assertive, and self-seeking.
  • Who has not observed the purifying effect of light, and especially of direct sunlight, upon the air of a room?
  • It reveals also a provision for purifying the moral nature; and this in every case accompanies the dispensation of mercy to those who receive it.
  • Taste, cultivated and enjoyed at the expense of morals, degrades and debases instead of purifying and elevating character.
  • The widening of his knowledge, which is brought about by increasing experience, is parallel with the deepening and purifying of his moral life.
  • All that had gone before with other men suddenly became as nothing, forgotten and out of mind, and she herself made clean by this purifying fire.
  • On examining this scum, we find it to consist of a thick mat of our old friends, the purifying bacteria of the soil.
  • The creations of noble minds form practical working-forces in shaping character, purifying taste and elevating standards.
  • Yet from its size, and shallowness, we must still be subject to high and purifying winds, and rain storms.
  • It thus aids in maintaining the balance of life, and cleanses the swamps of miasmata, thus purifying the air we breathe.
  • As they come into His presence there will be a purifying and perfecting of character, and an adjustment of relations with Him.
  • He hastily opened the golden case, adored the blessed sacrament, and consumed it, purifying its receptacle, and restoring it to its hiding-place.
  • Through the pervading influence of the Holy Ghost shed abroad in our hearts, purifying our corrupt natures.
  • The Church consequently lost much of its pristine influence, which had been so successful in purifying the lives of the Christians.
  • He could never hold his breath long enough to replace the helmet and wait for the purifying agents to cleanse the poison that now filled his spacesuit.
  • In this way the best of them have unquestionably much purifying and enchanting power; and they are helpful opponents to sinful passion and weakness of every kind.
  • The only successful method of purifying the blood and restoring health when this condition exists, is to observe the directions given relative to clothing and bathing.

Definition of Purifying

present participle of purify | An act of purification.
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