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How To Use Purloined In A Sentence?

  • Doheny fought and defeated them and regained the purloined estates for the people.
  • The purdah is an eerie monologue between the feminine form and purloined courage.
  • The explanation given to me was that the documents were purloined by a servant years ago.
  • His land, with the march of events, Being purloined and cut up into bits?
  • A crust that is your own is a feast, while a feast that is purloined from unwilling creditors is a famine.
  • The yellowest puppy has purloined a bone from some unknown quarter, and is carrying it with him triumphantly.
  • They said that he had usurped a sovereignty, falsified documents, purloined jewels of immense value.
  • This has purloined the wages of the labourer; it has reduced him by degrees to housel with the spider and the bat, and to feed with the pig.
  • We hid her prayer-book; purloined her hoards of baby linen and worsted stockings; and pasted caricatures on the inside of her pew in church.
  • But, if I intended not to resign it to him, was it proper to disclose the truth and explain by whom the volume was purloined from the shelf?
  • Read this letter which Radicofani gave to my aunt this morning and which I purloined from her writing-cabinet.
  • Behind the corral he sat down on his heels, and took out the letter he had purloined from Luke Tweezy.
  • Dum obediently carried out my instructions while I warmed the milk that Dee had purloined from the supper table over the blessed candle.
  • We have no evidence that would be worth a rush in a court of law that M. Platzoff really purloined the diamond.
  • He turned the purloined pony on a dime and loped up the street, followed by the ribald laughter of Piney Jackson.
  • There the adroit thief finds a ready market for the various articles he has procured from chamber and entry, or purloined from the pockets of the unwary.
  • As we have seen, it was common practice in the digital underground to post purloined telephone codes on boards, for any phreak or hacker who cared to abuse them.
  • Meanwhile, the very workman whose idea has been purloined and exploited is treated as a danger by the foreman; henceforth he must be watched and kept well in subjection.
  • Having easy access to the house she purloined private letters, papers and other writings, and after all hope of recovery was over, she would put them back.
  • I felt my mouth drawing down at the corners, and I buried my lips in the American Beauty rose the sculptor had purloined from the centre-piece.
  • The other pirates immediately suspected their captain of having secretly purloined it, and, indeed, so certain were they of his turpitude that they immediately set about taking means to force a confession from him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Purloined | Purloined Sentence

  • He confessed it a purloined asset.
  • Both the purloined hats lay in the middle of the floor.
  • Ah, The Purloined Letter!
  • The bird immediately gave the clasp he had purloined into his master's hand.
  • No one would like to suspect him of having purloined his wife's tiara.

Definition of Purloined

simple past tense and past participle of purloin
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