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  • Lady Meg ahead as usual, and with a purposeful air.
  • But the purposeful factor in such a case is not fear but flight.
  • He moved off with all the confident air of his simple, purposeful nature.
  • Lying means a purposeful intent to deceive by word of mouth or written word.
  • Men stared at her, but none dared molest so purposeful a young woman....
  • Fyles's purposeful eyes surveyed the man with a thoughtful smile.
  • This was purposeful vagueness and Miss Falconer's crayon snapped.

How To Use Purposeful In A Sentence?

  • In that first glimpse from the Pullman window he had seen the purposeful character of her.
  • Again he recalled the hurried purposeful visit that had ended with his finding the enemy passed forever beyond his reach.
  • Verschoyle in his simplicity had seen the metropolis as consisting of purposeful mammas and missish daughters bearing down upon him from all sides.
  • At no time could purposeful exhalations be detected, and no explanation of her feigned vomiting could be gained.
  • Their talk had turned naturally, and with scarcely any purposeful guidance of his, in a direction that helped him.
  • We ascribe to the child a strong disposition to real fear and would consider it purposeful if this fear were in fact a heritage.
  • In this condition the entire body often stiffens, and purposeful movement of any kind becomes for a time impossible.
  • The rarity of such purposeful ghosts in an age like ours, so rich in ghost stories, must have a cause.
  • Bowles dropped down on his blankets, still nursing his aching head; but in the morning he rose up with a purposeful look in his eye.
  • Here was no purposeful track, broad, smooth and white, keeping its way straight through every obstacle.
  • He turned his back on Tabs and commenced to move about the room, picking things up and examining them with a purposeful curiosity.
  • He snapped sideways in a purposeful silence, met the swinging fist adroitly, and sank his fine teeth cruelly in the fat wrist.
  • She walked in briskly, a middle-aged capable-looking woman, holding a broom, and glanced all round the room in a purposeful way.
  • He went with the directness of a purposeful man to the Fahrgasse, the street of the rich merchants, knocked at a door, and was admitted.
  • Its intricacy of parts and their purposeful interrelation demands explanation, and therefore the fundamental problem is to explain how this machine came into existence.
  • In so far as the development is still incipient, and is restricted to a mere signal, the more undisturbed the conversion of the readiness to be afraid into action the more purposeful the entire proceeding.
  • When at length she went up to the balcony to tell Harboro that supper was ready, she stood arrested by the pleasantly purposeful expression in his eyes.
  • At present the home is suffering, just as the city is suffering, from a lack of that purposeful organization which will order the parts aright and subject the processes to the most important and ultimate purposes.
  • The major components of a military problem are of course intimately connected, because a purposeful action, accomplished, is equivalent to an objective, attained.

Definition of Purposeful

Having purpose; intentional. | Having a purpose in mind; resolute; determined.
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