Purse And In A Sentence

How To Use Purse And In A Sentence?

  • He laughed at the remembrance of having been relieved by the prisoners of purse and watch.
  • The stranger returned his money to his purse and put it in the pocket of his blouse.
  • Pocket took out his purse and saw what a hole the expenditure of any such sum would make.
  • Wetter was ready to ruin himself in purse and prospects for her, and would gladly marry her.
  • He had come to like the impetuous young man with the open purse and the open heart.
  • I returned to my room to replenish my purse, and to take my dagger and revolver.
  • In one hand he holds the purse, and in the other brandishes the sword of the country.
  • My purse and heart are both wide open for you to help yourself, whenever you like.
  • He was seedy-looking, and seemed a good deal run down both in purse and spirits.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Purse And | Purse And Sentence

  • You have your purse and hat and cloak.
  • She got out her purse and counted her money.
  • Mary found the purse and brought it to the bed.
  • Jeanne took her purse and counted out the money.
  • Put money in thy purse and wire ahead!
  • He spoke in the dialect of the pick-purse and magsman.
  • The loss of her purse and bank books worried her.
  • It is a case of the longest purse and little else.
  • He pulled out his purse, and counted the contents.
  • Inside was a little purse, and three gold pieces.
  • I went empty away; empty in purse and hope.
  • And Brede actually takes out his lean purse and pays.
  • She smiled, and I drew out my purse and paid the money.
  • Mona took the paper containing it from her purse and gave it to him.
  • She took the coupon out of her purse and passed it to her husband.
  • He poked a pistol in my face and took my purse and my watch.
  • She drew a dime from her purse and extended it to the young man.
  • In another pocket his purse and a few odds and ends but nothing more.
  • She took some coins from her purse and dropped them into the tin cup.
  • Is love money, that you can take it out of your purse and give it?
  • Then he produced from his pocket a purse, and coolly opened it.
  • She snatched up her purse and cloak, and sped out into the street.
  • I simply had to have a new purse, and you coaxed me to buy it.
  • Then she picked up her little bag and took out the purse and the two letters.
  • She held the purse, and kept the account of the house expenses.
  • And she got her purse, and they counted out forty-two cents.
  • Margot hurriedly produced her big purse and handed the boy one shilling.
  • She slipped the money carefully into her purse, and hailed a taxi.
  • She stooped for the purse and watch, which she examined with equal attention.
  • I see him finger in his purse, and he hands me half-a-sovereign.
  • Having satisfied her hunger, she opened her purse and extracted the bank-note.
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