Pursed In A Sentence

Definition of Pursed

simple past tense and past participle of purse

How To Use Pursed In A Sentence?

  • She pursed up her little lips for a kiss, she flung frantic arms of adoration around his neck.
  • The thin lips of her pursed mouth strongly suggested a potatoes, prunes, and prism training.
  • She pursed her lips with a rueful resignation, and followed Gil to the spring behind the house.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pursed | Pursed Sentence

  • Diana pursed her lips.
  • The stranger pursed his lips.
  • He pursed his lips and nodded to her.
  • Kenny pursed his lips and nodded.
  • The boy pursed his lips.
  • Feversham pursed his lips and considered the speaker.
  • Comstock pursed his lips into a long whistle.
  • The doctor shook his head and pursed his lips.
  • He pursed up his lips and uttered a long whistle.
  • Battiscomb pursed his lips a second, pondering.
  • He raised his eyebrows, and his mouth pursed itself up.
  • John with pursed lips stroked his chin, musing on my words.
  • Mr. Slosson pursed his lips.
  • The little Senor pursed his lips.
  • Joe pursed his lips and looked at Nadine.
  • But Honor pursed up her mouth and looked inscrutable.
  • Romola Borria pursed her lips and studied him analytically.
  • Mr. Weatherley pursed his lips and nodded.
  • Mr. Wilding pursed his lips and shifted his position.
  • Mrs. Carnby pursed her lips, and wrinkled her forehead.
  • Mr. Calendar pursed his plump lips, whistling inaudibly.
  • Leslie pursed thoughtful lips over Denis Urquhart.
  • Then he put a hand in pocket and pursed his lips as he looked down on them.
  • He pursed his lips and whistled a series of staccato dots and dashes.
  • Hawkins dropped one eyelid to a narrow slit and pursed his lips.
  • Her eyes clouded; she pursed her lips over the conjectural annoyance.
  • Steingall pursed his lips, and his forehead seamed in a reflective frown.
  • Ellsworth pursed his lips into a whistle, many things perplexing him.
  • Natalenko re-read the addendum, pursed his thick lips and sighed.
  • The officer, through the glass, frowned and pursed up his lips.
  • She pursed up her prim old mouth, wished me good-morning and rustled away.
  • And, having seen her ride, he pursed his lips into a low whistle of amazement.
  • Mr. Moseley pursed his lips and considered the matter ponderously.
  • Mackay pursed his lips up, and, with overdone gravity, shook his head.
  • Bryant leaned back, eyes squinting toward the fire, lips pursed in thought.
  • Mr. Hicks, who seemed to relish the situation, pursed his lips and considered.
  • Mrs. Snow pursed her pale lips and shook her small, neat head.

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