Pursuant In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pursuant | Pursuant Sentence

  • The Court met pursuant to the foregoing order.
  • Houtman, pursuant to a resolution of the Plenary Council.

How To Use Pursuant In A Sentence?

  • The Messenger gives the House an account of what he had done pursuant to the order of the House.
  • This monument was erected pursuant to the will of his brother, Gustavus Adolphus Kempenfelt, Esq.
  • Measures have been taken pursuant to that resolution for procuring some of the most necessary artists, together with the requisite apparatus.
  • All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section may be altered from time to time or repealed.
  • He may not move until the word of command is given him, and then every change of station or attitude must be pursuant to previous instruction.
  • Thus, a devise of lands in England, though made abroad, must be executed pursuant to the English statute.

Definition of Pursuant

In conformance to, or in agreement with. | Accordingly; consequently.
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