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  • She did not pursue the question.
  • He did not pursue the subject further.
  • The newcomers did not pursue them.
  • For seven lives they pursue him.
  • I believe my uncle engaged a boatman to pursue the Splash.
  • For my part, I shall pursue this matter to the end.
  • Deign to pursue and haunt Takahashi Sama.
  • I was determined to pursue my ruthless course in his defense to the end.
  • I could not now with honor pursue the woman who was promised to another.
  • Lumley listened intently, but did not pursue the subject of the water.
  • I had no doubt that he would procure a whole fleet of boats to pursue me.
  • The course which Luther had to pursue was shaped for him by others.
  • The calling you pursue has nothing in common with God or divine things.
  • Maria de Latina, and pursue their works of charity alone and independently.
  • I nowe spye a newe sanctuary, his armes, In which I may pursue security.
  • Orren sent several of Hint's men, mounted on horses, to pursue Boyce.

How To Use Pursue In A Sentence?

  • And such students pursue the study of elocution, with a sufficiently pitiable result.
  • She shall pursue thee through the ages, and fear of her coming shall lessen thy rapture.
  • Not till they had been gone some minutes did James rise, and pursue his course.
  • It leaves the sure things of its own real home, To pursue the mere phantoms of thought!
  • She did not pursue her headstrong course without receiving faint inklings now and then as to its effect upon the community.
  • He seems to have thought that to a man of his excitable temperament it would be better to pursue his art cloistrally and to avoid competition.
  • Out of its ashes rises another with new life and vigour to pursue the same never-ending life and re-birth.
  • When one is spotted they dash out after it, pursue it back to its lines and prevent it from performing its mission of reconnaissance.
  • As always happens to the man in love, he had persuaded himself that the wisest course to pursue was the one which jumped with his inclinations.
  • The women pursue this work chiefly in odds and ends of time, and in some cases make it much of a pastime.
  • Gray rode slowly back, but he did not pursue his search with any vigour; he had been too much startled by that sudden sound.
  • I pursue them to the time that he enters Libra, or somewhat more, which is the busy period of the year.
  • Much meditating while in the army and especially while in prison, I finally resolved to pursue an educational career.
  • When the people departed from his kingdom, God stood by him and moved him to pursue after them with increased malice and revenge.
  • He was rejoiced, however, to find that he might pursue his musical avocations in the house without causing the old father chagrin or irritation.
  • Here she becomes confused with Ilithyia and with Hecate; but it is unnecessary to pursue the inquiry into these details.
  • Scholarships and fellowships can be made especially available to young women from among these groups who desire to pursue their education in these lines.
  • After dinner the baron, lighting a short hunting-pipe, took me into his study and discussed the plan of instruction I was to pursue with the heir.
  • Certainly they should wish me to pursue the course that will make the fewest converts, and yet they pretend to tell me how my influence could be increased.
  • You should pursue him with your spredding bandes Swifter in march then is the lightning flame, And take him tardy whilst his plots are tame.
  • Then, it was easy to pursue them along a pathway that led to a graveled beach where a dozen or more skiffs had been drawn up and tied to stakes for the winter.
  • There are plenty of scarlet rose hips in uplifted clusters, for the birds somehow neglect them while they pursue other delicacies of the same color and contour.
  • They pursue me with engines, and policemen, and revolvers; I snap my fingers at them, and vanish, laughing, into space.
  • The ghosts of the departed warriors, after they had entered their airy halls, were supposed to pursue pleasures similar in character to those which had engaged their attention on earth.

Definition of Pursue

(transitive, intransitive) To follow urgently, originally with intent to capture or harm; to chase. [from 14th c.] | (transitive) To follow, travel down (a particular way, course of action etc.). [from late 14th c.] | (transitive) To aim for, go after (a specified objective, situation etc.). [from late 14th c.]
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