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  • You are pursuing a phantom!
  • What do you mean by pursuing a defenceless maiden?
  • He had the slight frown of a man pursuing a lost memory.

How To Use Pursuing A In A Sentence?

  • But even so he would never for an instant admit that he was pursuing a merely conventional good.
  • Besides, there is something unmanly and cowardly in pursuing a defenceless girl in this way.
  • Then, seeing that it was not a soldier pursuing, a very natural human voice proceeded from it.
  • We were pursuing a practised hunter, who at first kept stopping to make sure he was not followed.
  • Off the necks of two of them the collars seemed to fall, and away they leapt pursuing a hare.
  • Shalmaneser I of Assyria was pursuing a determined policy of western and northern expansion.
  • They were as skilful with the plough and mattock as they were in steering a boat or hunting a deer or pursuing a whale.
  • In becoming a disciple of the alchymist, he probably thought of nothing more than pursuing a light love affair.
  • In all outward relations she remained isolated from her neighbors, pursuing a course of strictly local independence.
  • One day he went with the hunters to the forest, and while pursuing a wild boar, became separated from them.
  • The baby had obviously been pursuing a small black puppy whose dangling leash told a story of escape from captivity.
  • He might regard himself as a jolly huntsman pursuing a wild animal, for certainly no animal could be wilder.
  • Varney had discovered something, and he would follow the clue with the pertinacity of a bloodhound pursuing a faint and elusive scent.
  • What was the use of losing all he had gained by pursuing a policy of playing safe and "shooting nickels"?
  • As he was pursuing a stag, whom he had pierced with an arrow, he came across the king and the lady of peerless beauty.
  • But the rear-guard, when it comes to pursuing a retreating enemy, is ever the least alluring place.
  • She was pursuing a hapless frog with well-directed shots of small pebbles, and there was an impish grin upon her face.
  • Richard Wagner prefaced his music dramas with lengthy essays giving his reasons for pursuing a certain course.
  • But pursuing Cavalier was like pursuing a shadow; he had already made his escape into the mountains.
  • In the morning we started at an early hour, and immediately entered the brush, beneath which we had slept; pursuing a westerly course through it.
  • This is no favouritism to the individual, but the evidence of a Mind with a vast plan pursuing a way and using a likely individual.
  • We must say this, at least, they are pursuing a course which must, sooner or later, end in disappointment and confusion.
  • He had reckoned on Brown's arrival, but not at a different hour, pursuing a new course.
  • Next I was wounded painfully in the foot by treading on a hard stump, while pursuing a red woodpecker in the depths of the forest.
  • Half an hour served to reach the desired ridge, when the party changed its march, pursuing a direction nearly south, along its summit.
  • The banker, the broker, even the merchant, lives in a series of whirlwinds, or seems to be pursuing a mirage or groping his way through a fog.
  • He lived, as we have said, for another eight years after the battle of Prevesa, but his great age prevented him from pursuing a very active career.
  • Like the shadow pursuing a man, thy heart, O tiger among men, with singleness of purpose, ever seeketh virtue.
  • It may have been most appropriate, for now and then a distant view of her tempted some bay craft to follow; but it was like a dog pursuing a bird on the wing.
  • It would be else an idle and vain endeavour to establish rules of art; it would be pursuing a phantom to attempt to move affections with which we were entirely unacquainted.
  • The first lieutenant knew many an old sailor who, had he been on board the yacht at that moment, would have solemnly affirmed that they had been pursuing a phantom.
  • Even in this life he is a greater man, a man of more elevated character, who is steadily pursuing a plan that requires some years to accomplish, than he who is living by the day.
  • We now push on for the wild scenery of the rocky coast overlooking Caldey Sound; pursuing a rough, sandy track amidst stretches of golden gorse.
  • Regarded by the lovers of good government as a machine politician, Arthur happily disappointed them by breaking loose from his old associations and pursuing a manly course.
  • During this time Pennsylvania had hardly lifted a finger, steadily pursuing a course which brought down upon her legislators most bitter invectives from every portion of the colonies.
  • The same men go to compose both; and the church, albeit pursuing a spiritual end, cannot dispense with the aid of temporal property, which in its nature depends on the organization of secular society.
  • In the clear light, with that wild red and yellow background, with the stones and gravel roaring down, streaming over the walls like waterfalls, he seemed a giant pursuing a foe.
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