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  • Let him enjoy his triumph, and push it to the utmost.
  • The Push closed quietly in.
  • Jonah found the Push thirsting for blood.
  • The Push seemed lost in thought.
  • The time was come to strike, but the Push hesitated.
  • The Push gave chase, with Chook in the lead.
  • She didn't want to prod and push and praise.
  • He soon tried to push himself up off the ground and this he tried a few times.
  • This is just the way men argue, and push themselves out of a difficulty.
  • He joined the others, using the board to push their unstable float along.
  • He looked round for the Push and remembered that they were scattered.
  • He wondered carelessly what had happened after the Push bolted.
  • But it was his knowledge of Push methods that sealed his tongue.
  • The Push had watched in ominous silence the approach of the Frenchman.

How To Use Push In A Sentence?

  • He guided her into the notches in the cliff face and push her up along the way.
  • If he has imagined that he could push that woman into our society, he is mistaken.
  • Byrne ran to the bed and attempted to lift up, to push off the horrible lid smothering the body.
  • The pressure of the wind would, if unhindered, push the kite into a horizontal position.
  • They saw him knock and step half within, then withdraw and gently push his daughter ahead of him.
  • The Push resolved to stoush him, and had lain in wait for a week without success.
  • The singer stopped and scowled at the group, but the Push seemed to be unaware of his existence.
  • The Push grew restless, divided between a desire to upset the meeting and fear of the police.
  • The Push gathered round, grinning from ear to ear, sooling the women on as if they were dogs.
  • The Push moved to the kerbstone, and, with a derisive grin, awaited the performance.
  • The Push yelled with derision as Jonah edged out of the circle ready for flight.
  • The Push opened out, and the man, sobered by his danger, stood for a moment with bewildered eyes.
  • Then he began to drop in on Monday or Tuesday instead of loafing with the Push at the corner.
  • The Push was secure, and the blame would fall on the Ivy Street gang, the terror of Darlington.
  • There's nuthin' in it, Joe, as yer said, an' besides, the Push is waitin' for yer.
  • Latent barbarism that peeked through the veneer of intelligence and civilisation was set to push the world to its final conflagration.
  • Turenski to push a broom around the floors of the museum, and this he did with great determination and efficiency.
  • Its action is to give a series of blows on its gong when its key or push button closes the battery circuit.
  • So he rode and he rode until he came to the edge of the wood, and there he got off his horse and began to push his way through the thorny thicket.
  • These things are mighty motors which push along civilization, throwing a wonderful energy into the forward impulse of the world.
  • When you led him down to water, you had to go sideways; and if you wanted to get him in through the corral gate, you had to push him in backward.
  • A moment later the leader of the Push crossed the street, and took his place in silence under the veranda.
  • Spite of her four-footed assistant, she could scarcely have pulled the load up-hill, had not a vigorous push from behind aided her.
  • When told that the Push was waiting for him, he had listened without interest; the matter seemed foreign and remote.
  • And it would be so easy, she knew, to evade it now as she had evaded it from the beginning, to push to-day into to-morrow for the rest of her life.
  • Brook offered Lloyd to push the buttons in the select numbers on the rectangular board and then waited for results, but nothing happened.

Definition of Push

(transitive, intransitive) To apply a force to (an object) such that it moves away from the person or thing applying the force. | (transitive) To continually attempt to persuade (a person) into a particular course of action. | (transitive) To press or urge forward; to drive.
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