Pushes In A Sentence

Definition of Pushes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of push | plural of push

How To Use Pushes In A Sentence?

  • It does not speed him up, but pushes him up to the highest notch which he can fill.
  • This swelling pushes forward the cylinder that starts the wheels of the engine.
  • He places both hands on the edge of the earth and quickly pushes it back and forth.
  • But the householder impatiently pushes his hand back, and turns away as if with disgust.
  • On the other hand, if he pushes on with a few thousand men, he does so at enormous risk.
  • These, however, will pass away as the new faculty pushes through into full existence.
  • Portia sighs, and with a small, but expressive, gesture pushes her hat somewhat off her forehead.
  • Two turn back at P1, one more turns back at P2, and the remaining man pushes on to P3.
  • In Arles your mind flies back at once to Rome, and then pushes away from Rome to find Greece.
  • The crowd pushes him out so, and there's no one to lift him up high enough to be seen.
  • Then the client pushes back the handle and simultaneously the space closes and an insurance policy is issued through another slot.
  • When a man gets into a rowboat, he generally pushes himself off by placing his oar against the dock or shore and pushing on it.
  • They are almost precipitous, clothed in woods, through which the naked rock pushes itself forth to view.
  • The child pushes the kings and queens and rooks and knights and bishops and pawns about at random, and laughs gaily.
  • There is a type of mind which, under every form of government, pushes to the front by sheer lack of virtue.
  • He pushes eulogy perhaps to the extent of hyperbole; afterwards, hyperbole gave place to the most shameful indifference.
  • A man is going by with a very long and queer-shaped wheelbarrow, and there is a dog harnessed to it before to draw, while he pushes it behind.
  • His whole strength is employed within the boat, and as much as he pulls backward with his hands, he pushes forward with his feet.
  • The bullet nearest to a pillar moves towards the thimble on that pillar, and, passing by, electrifies it, and then pushes itself from it.
  • Every time his head comes forward a rosebud pushes between his lips, rushes into full bloom, and drips to the ground with a splashing sound.
  • The tube, however, in nine cases out of ten, pushes any obstacle aside, and reaches the required depth.
  • In clouds and fog, and rain and snow, and all discouragement, Nature pushes on her forces with progressive haste and rapidity.
  • It is extremely painful to me, but all this kind of thing just pushes me more in the opposite direction and makes me firmer in my fast maturing resolution.
  • It pushes its way into the icy fastnesses of the North or of the South, in order that it may discover new channels of trade.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pushes | Pushes Sentence

  • It is he who pushes him on.
  • It dips into the water and pushes against it.
  • Then he pushes forward to reconnoitre.
  • He pushes back the screen.
  • Through them life pushes onward.
  • He pushes a stone aside.
  • By doing so he pushes the cloth down close on to the boy.
  • He pushes the sleeping man cautiously.
  • He pushes up his spectacles for nearer sight.
  • This pushes the bits of dough apart and makes it light.
  • He also pushes the broad side of the cover against the small end of the box.
  • This habit grows upon a man, until at last it pushes him off forever.
  • When CROSBY pushes button, all foots out.
  • Each pushes on quick, transient, Regarding not the other or his sorrows.
  • He turns into a little public house, pushes Stafford along the passage.
  • NIKITA (turns ANISYA round and pushes her out).

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