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  • And he put forth a chair.
  • And she put forth a hand over his.
  • Silently they put forth their strength.
  • Can we put forth the requisite volitions?
  • I put forth all my skill of fence.
  • A deathlike hand was put forth.
  • Thyself put forth thy hand.
  • It was now that the grandmother put forth her powers.
  • Teddy put forth his hand to help her.
  • He put forth a comforting hand.
  • Sivori is generally put forth as his only pupil.
  • Then put forth thyself in seemly fashion.
  • He put forth all his strength as he had never done before.
  • And he put forth his hand with a gesture of entreaty.
  • It was evident he would put forth some power.
  • The little cook put forth all his skill.
  • She put forth her hand with a little imperious gesture.
  • It behoveth thee to put forth thy might.
  • A second edition was put forth in 1822-27.
  • So saying, he put forth his very best braying.
  • It is fifty-two years since these terms were put forth.
  • The true record being put forth, the people profit by it.
  • Sir Lukin put forth a hand.
  • Twice the Spartan put forth all his powers.
  • The Whigs put forth no statement of principles.
  • And the plan Mac had put forth seemed as feasible as any.
  • Hail! put forth Thy dall!
  • At this juncture Jane put forth all her beneficent energy.
  • Yet, presently, the ugly bud put forth a noble flower.
  • I put forth my hand, I hesitated.
  • Slowly Tom put forth his hand and pushed the knob of stone.
  • Then the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth.
  • The version of the New Testament put forth in 1881.
  • In 1873 a revised Table of Lessons was put forth.
  • But he did," I put forth, "finally go?

How To Use Put Forth In A Sentence?

  • They need only to put forth effort and determination to do so.
  • Officers and men alike will put forth their uttermost strength.
  • Apprised that he had to do with a swordsman, he put forth all his power.
  • Some of his works were put forth under the names or initials of his friends.
  • He was magnificent as he put forth all the varied resources of his art.
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