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  • I put forward the excuse of my ambition.
  • Luther himself did not put forward a single new idea.
  • Nor again did the teaching put forward a new philosophy.
  • She put forward these remarks with unbiassed placidity.
  • He put forward a hoof, quite carelessly it seemed.
  • I can only put forward the theory that the Zep.
  • His view is not unlike that put forward by Cornford.
  • What of the modest suggestions I put forward here?
  • Too late Guidobaldo put forward a hand to stay the Duke.
  • Seriously and circumstantially he put forward his proposition.
  • But he put forward his dismissal as an argument against marriage.
  • The first girl now put forward with resolution her pawn of knowledge.
  • She had put forward neither violence nor passion in support of her arguments.
  • There was no such pretence put forward as the escort of Mary.
  • The lion put forward one big paw, his eyes now all purple blaze.
  • It seemed incredible that Cologne had actually put forward such a proposition.
  • Gay put forward his ideas and painted a glorious future for Lavinia.
  • She put forward her face until her breath swept Lem's skin.
  • Such was the plea put forward on behalf of the Church of England.
  • He resolved to put forward a bold face, and bully Mr. Masterson.
  • On the 15th Mr. Asquith put forward his defence in the House of Commons.

How To Use Put Forward In A Sentence?

  • Truly it is difficult to put forward in our age a principle more hypocritical and more stupid.
  • He was put forward to negotiate with our representatives with respect to the proposed sale.
  • It may be well to state briefly the views put forward by our other authorities for this period.
  • He hoped no little or narrow parochial spirit would be put forward in this matter.
  • Suzanne put forward a little delicate arched foot which she rested on one of the fire-dogs.
  • The need of colonies is often put forward as a real and also a legitimate motive for war.
  • The cardinal was put forward as a stalking-horse, to be discarded at the right moment.
  • I am ashamed to be a State in a commonwealth that can put forward such an excuse.
  • No policy of wage settlement akin to that put forward in this book could win favor in their eyes.
  • If the conclusions here put forward are true, they give a key which opens up much character to us.
  • He listened in fierce stillness while Waters put forward his request to be taken on.
  • Many who realized these difficulties put forward French as the auxiliary international language.
  • Your ladyship will please to observe that I have put forward no opinion on the case.
  • She did not put forward her urgings crudely, as for the sake of Scott, her son.
  • They encouraged him to put forward these proposals and to communicate with Nicholas Fenn.
  • I practically told him I was going to do it, and he put forward some objections, which I met.
  • The Land League put forward a candidate who was at the time an inmate of Kilmainham gaol.
  • Therefore you should put forward your most earnest efforts toward the acquisition of sciences and arts.
  • Beyond this point we are not in a position to put forward any definite supposition as to the apparently haphazard occurrence of the phenomenon.

Definition of Put Forward

(idiomatic) To propose for consideration. | (idiomatic, transitive) To change the time in a time zone to a later time.
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