Put Our In A Sentence

How To Use Put Our In A Sentence?

  • For we are not sent into this world to do any thing into which we cannot put our hearts.
  • Maybe we should have put our weapons out of our own reach, in preparation for this incident.
  • Then we found we had put our chairs against the kitchen, which is up on deck in this ship.
  • They put our dearest racial possessions into museums and admire them very much indeed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Put Our | Put Our Sentence

  • In him we put our trust.
  • We put our shoulders against it and pushed.
  • We had a pail to put our seaweeds in.
  • We put our birches into the water after dark.
  • We put our little deal through clean.
  • Just let us put our eyes on them once!
  • We have to put our human feelings behind us.
  • We want to put our whole strength into this work.
  • Then we put our hands to the stack and drew our straws.
  • To-morrow afternoon we put our money on seventeen.
  • The first business was to put our troops ashore.
  • We might as well put our necks in a noose.
  • The spectacle put our search momentarily from my mind.
  • In these we put our fingers, but pulled them out quickly.
  • We all put our feet in soak in warm water this evening.
  • Come what may, let us put our trust in him.
  • As our king, we put our lives and fortunes in your hands.
  • Let's put our names in the visitors' book.
  • Let us put our trust in Him.
  • In God let us put our trust.
  • It is our plain and simple duty to put our all into this thing.
  • Never before have we needed so urgently to put our house in order.
  • We cannot locate it and put our finger on it; that is why it is permanent.
  • We put our belongin's in de wagon.
  • Let's put our fingers on our lips and think.
  • During the autumn the drift had put our patience to a severe test.
  • We'll have to put our best leg forward as it is.
  • We sat down in the sun on a willow log and put our rods together.
  • We must put our foot down at once; that's all.
  • We have only to put our heads together, and the thing is done.
  • We shall creep down when she is quite done and put our belongings together.
  • We were supposed to put our gas masks on, but we never did.
  • The old sphinx put our petty differences of nationality out of sight.
  • I shall ride one of them myself, and put our swag on my own pony.
  • We've put our hands to the rudder, you know.
  • You set there like a bump on a log and let me and the mate put our feet in it.
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Put Our in a sentence

Put Our sentence

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