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  • That's what Carlsen put up to 'em.
  • And he put up to me your suggestion about a private exhibition.
  • Mebby he has a little business deal to put up to you and mebby not.
  • At every election the worldly goods of the minority are put up to auction.
  • One picture escaped: it was put up to sale in Paris on the 5th of March, 1850.
  • That was the Perrott boy as was put up to do that, I'll be bound.

How To Use Put Up To In A Sentence?

  • Rates would then be put up to the point where the greatest profit would accrue to the corporation.
  • A strong processed Cheddar put up to look like links of sausage, nobody knows why.
  • He seems to be able to read clean through the backs of any pack o' cards you put up to him.
  • For on retiring they ungird the sack, and the part which they doubled about the knees they put up to the head.
  • It was not long before the problems put up to these two mining experts ceased to be confined to the technical end of the business.
  • We went ashore, and first we marched up to the high cross we had put up to mark the graves of our dead companions.
  • There was one put up to the memory of ten Montenegrins who were all shot down without seeing their enemy.
  • The whole pueblo country is covered with the remains of single rooms and groups of rooms, put up to meet some immediate necessity.
  • Markham was therefore put up to identify the old pistol which he had found in Tom's room.
  • I ain't there to teach anybody anything, but to see that such ignoramuses as me ain't put up to teach children.
  • Robert Strong had her buried in a quiet corner of a cemetery and left orders for a stun cross to be put up to mark her grave.
  • Thereupon I was told that the tent was put up to accommodate a consumptive lad who slept in it by night and worked in the factory by day.
  • They very wisely chose the latter plan, and the study card was constructed and put up to mark the times of free communication, and of silent study.
  • When Oldys died his curious library was purchased by Thomas Davies, and was put up to auction in 1762.
  • To cap the climax, Clara put up to the windows some half curtains of unbleached cotton, bound with bright French red.
  • It was about this time that the girls got the mayonnaise put up to their satisfaction, for innumerable perplexities had arisen in the matter of suitable bottles, corks and labels.
  • The little, white couch had been moved a trifle out of the window now that the weather was getting chilly, and a screen was put up to protect the child from any draught.
  • Maybe, though, York didn't know she was comin', or had Ponk put up to lookin' after her for him.

Definition of Put Up To

(idiomatic) To encourage or trick (someone) to perform an action which is foolish or wrong.
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