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  • Dark; no signs of fireworks yet; pyrotechnic exhibition not likely to commence for some time.
  • Their affair was one fierce series of spats and disputes that blazed out at last in a pyrotechnic row.
  • We can understand the object of the feminine beacon; but of what use is all the rest of the pyrotechnic display?
  • Beautiful and dazzling flashes of fire filled the air and just then something landed behind his ear and prolonged the pyrotechnic display.
  • Some associated it mainly with our own pyrotechnic efforts and other attendant consumption of the explosive compound, on the then special occasion.
  • Others, who are fond of fireworks, may possibly find an opportunity of improving themselves in the pyrotechnic art.
  • She carried with her a sort of pyrotechnic aureola, suspended below her car by a wire, which she was to set off in the air.
  • The great demand of the day in the violin field, as in that of other musical instruments, is for dazzling pyrotechnic feats.
  • The pyrotechnic exhibition was viewed by almost the entire populace of the two cities, and a vast concourse of visitors from abroad.
  • This fact had probably much influence in retarding the pyrotechnic art, as accurate means of testing the purity and chemical character of the salt were not distinctly understood.
  • The most noticeable feature in his work is its quiet, effective style of composition, which is utterly free from the pyrotechnic arts of so many current pretenders.
  • Instead of allowing the lightning to occupy the heavens as the sole theatre for its pyrotechnic displays, he showed it how to get down on to the earth, and then he invented the lightning-rod to catch it.
  • This light is very rich in the rays which affect photographic plates, and the metal in the form of fine powder is extensively used in the production of flash lights and for white lights in pyrotechnic displays.

Definition of Pyrotechnic

Of or relating to fireworks. | Of or relating to the use of fire in chemistry or metallurgy. | Resembling fireworks.
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