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  • Pythagoras is not to be trusted.
  • Pythagoras found him expiating his mirth in hell.
  • Pythagoras made numbers the basis of things.
  • Counsel of Pythagoras.
  • Pythagoras, 226, 246.
  • Pythagoras a bean-hater, why, 84.
  • The ancient master of it was Pythagoras.
  • Not much is known of the life of Pythagoras.
  • Pythagoras, 3, 56 (note).
  • Plato and Pythagoras in him Found a disciple meet.
  • Pythagoras, qvi, dixit, se menimisse, gallum fuisse.
  • He mentions Xenophanes and Pythagoras in terms of obloquy.
  • Pre-existence, belief in Pythagoras Quakers.
  • He talks about Plato, he talks Pythagoras.
  • Pythagoras, 31, 32, 33, 34, 72, 81, 301.
  • It was referred to by Homer, Pythagoras, and Aristotle.
  • Pythagoras, 17.
  • Pythagoras; 2.
  • Pythagoras; 3.
  • Pythagoras found in number the ultimate principle of creation.
  • I had had the intention of embracing the faith of Pythagoras!
  • He seems to have a leaning for metempsychosis and the doctrines of Pythagoras.
  • Pythagoras appears to have flourished about 550 years before Christ.
  • The history of Pythagoras and his doctrines is extremely obscure.
  • What is the opinion of Pythagoras concerning wild fowl?
  • We know that Pythagoras himself was not a total abstainer from flesh.
  • Like Pythagoras, he possessed a powerful and magnetic personality.
  • In this perturbed state of mind my eye caught the bust of Pythagoras.
  • This was the nature of that work which Thales and Pythagoras commenced.
  • He forgot that Pythagoras formerly taught geometry to the Brahmins.
  • Pythagoras refers to natural magnets, 20. Radiophone, 171.
  • Porphyry says that this also was the rule of Pythagoras (Vita Pyth.

How To Use Pythagoras In A Sentence?

  • Both the conception indeed and the realisation seem to have been most complete in Pythagoras.
  • Others before Pythagoras discovered this, and it is the discovery which awaits us too.
  • All the heads were gone except that of Pythagoras, which he left lying in its place.
  • It was long ago observed by Pythagoras, that ability and necessity dwell near each other.
  • Pythagoras, on the advice of Thales, visited Egypt in the pursuit of mathematics.
  • Pythagoras discovered that the Morning and Evening Stars are one and the same planet.
  • The planet signifies pure intellect, and Pythagoras symbolically called the sea a tear of Saturn.
  • The following is taken from the commentary of Hierocles upon the Golden Verses of Pythagoras.

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