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  • It crystallizes in small quadrilateral prisms, white and transparent, or in needles grouped in stars.
  • Three more of the steel spikes were hammered into the surface, forming a rough quadrilateral around the Pole.
  • In the southeast you will recognize the quadrilateral of Corvus, with the remarkably white star Spica glittering east of it.
  • The three pairs of rays which may be drawn from a point through the three pairs of opposite vertices of a complete quadrilateral are said to be in involution.
  • The four lines joining the two opposite pairs of vertices and the two opposite points of contact of a quadrilateral circumscribed about a conic all meet in a point.
  • Given a simple quadrilateral inscribed in a conic section, every transversal meets the conic and the four sides of the quadrilateral in six points which are in involution.
  • The turning of the Quadrilateral meant the adoption of a route into Venetia across the Po below Mantua.
  • If a quadrilateral be inscribed in a conic, two pairs of opposite sides and the tangents at opposite vertices intersect in four points, all of which lie on a straight line.
  • If a quadrilateral be circumscribed about a conic, the lines joining two pairs of opposite vertices and the lines joining two opposite points of contact are four lines which meet in a point.

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Definition of Quadrilateral

having four sides. | A polygon with four sides. | An area defended by four fortresses supporting each other.
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