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  • The effect which the fighting and the Quaker treaty had on the frontier was good.
  • Surprised by their different receptions, the young man asked the Quaker the reason.
  • He was of Quaker descent, and inherited all the virtues of that peace-loving people.
  • We generally adjourned to the Quaker burying-ground opposite, and had it out among the tombs.
  • He was fully dressed in sober Quaker gray, and regarded us with the greatest sternness.
  • The little Quaker wife prepared us a supper of snow-white biscuits and a plate of beautiful honey.
  • They were for many years familiar figures in the little Quaker town, not many miles distant.
  • Many extreme Quaker members of the Assembly resigned their seats in consequence.
  • The way to make his permanent home in the Quaker City seemed to be opening before him.
  • At the mention of Horncastle, it appeared to my friend that the Quaker gave a slight start.
  • As a Puritan soldier he found himself no match for a peaceable Quaker Assembly.
  • But Lancashire has other saints no less holy than those dear to Protestant and Quaker memory.
  • This artist, born in Mississippi, was taken to Philadelphia and there cared for by a Quaker lady.
  • In similar vein is "Barclay of Ury," which must have touched deeply the heart of the Quaker poet.
  • I would not cite the old quaker discipline of families as a pattern of what is to be wished in all things.
  • Nor would the Quaker majority have any right to compel others to bear arms and at the same time exempt themselves.
  • Some of the happiest remembrances of my childhood are of days spent in a little Quaker colony on a high hill.
  • The severe Quaker code of conduct and peaceful contemplation contains no prohibition against good eating and drinking.
  • When the Quaker lectured, the audience were all attention, and his arguments met with very general concurrence.
  • Her foreign garments, of Quaker simplicity, made her unrecognizable by her former village acquaintance.
  • But on this question of a change to royal government, he left the Quaker majority and opposed the change with all his influence and ability.
  • Here was the accident that brought into being the great Quaker colony, by a combination of circumstances which could hardly have happened twice.
  • The Quaker government of Pennsylvania in almost a century of its existence largely fulfilled its ideals.
  • Reuben had raced down to the barn to call his father, who now followed him back at a pace that scarcely became his age and Quaker tenets.
  • It was apparently the liberal laws and the fertile soil that drew them to Pennsylvania in spite of their contempt for most of the Quaker doctrines.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quaker | Quaker Sentence

  • I had took me to a Quaker meeting.
  • I went down and found they were two of our Quaker members.
  • It is a Quaker meeting-house which dates back to 1667.
  • Her style of dress reminded one of the Quaker school.
  • On a quiet, cloudy morning, it is a Quaker lady.
  • William Penn, Quaker and pioneer.
  • The Quaker City, 1,428-3/95 tons.
  • By Annie Thomas, 1 50 The Quaker Soldier.
  • I'm a Quaker waiting to be moved.
  • But the Quaker would have none of them, and sent the searchers on their way.
  • The Quaker Assembly withstood and resisted him until they wore him out.
  • The meeting-room within is of Quaker plainness, with drab-tinted walls.
  • Very good body, not too old, and none the worse for a Quaker fining.
  • He was a young Quaker about thirty years of age, named Wilson.
  • By Annie Thomas, 1 50 The Quaker Soldier.

Definition of Quaker

(entomology) Any of various lycaenid butterflies of the genus Pithecops.
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