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  • What qualifications are necessary in a watcher?
  • Governess, qualifications for, 176.
  • There are two essential qualifications for making an effective public speech.
  • For talents, to deserve a place, Are qualifications saucy.
  • Much was yet to be desired in the qualifications of High School masters.
  • The qualifications of Mr. Pembroke have already been indicated.
  • Her grandmother's qualifications as nurse have been mentioned.

How To Use Qualifications In A Sentence?

  • All my criticisms and qualifications of her vanished into some dark corner of my mind.
  • The faintly lighted apartment had all the qualifications requisite for a haunted chamber.
  • She had sufficient money for the undertaking, and hoped she had some qualifications for success.
  • Sir John feels that his qualifications ought to have entitled him to a preference.
  • Mr. Whibley throws all these qualifications to the winds, especially the second.
  • The qualifications for (s)election were willingness, obedience, fidelity, endurance.
  • Deficiencies of Qualifications for the Performance of their Duties; how remedied.
  • These are some of the qualifications spoken of as belonging to the diaconate, and are the same in application to either sex.
  • All were performed with that smooth dexterity and rapidity that comprised the essential qualifications of a successful airman.
  • That all were properly qualified to discharge the duties of their office no one will assert who knows what those qualifications are.
  • A woman who had the qualifications he desired could not be less than beautiful from the sheer operation of the soul.
  • The refined taste which approbates these qualifications is also displayed in the selection of dramas suitable for their display.
  • Patience and sympathy are the two qualifications especially requisite in officers selected for the management of native affairs.
  • He was well known in that region by the slaves as well as the slaveholders, to have all the qualifications necessary for his business.
  • Thus does the order maintain that university, and it has men there of excellent learning and qualifications for public teaching.
  • Thus prepared, the hearer must be bent upon acquiring the qualifications befitting the true sage.
  • In her heart she felt her literary qualifications were not being appreciated in Platonian circles anyway.
  • In regard to the great deficiencies of domestics, in qualifications for their duties, much patience and benevolence are required.
  • His peculiar qualifications for Asiatic warfare would have found an appropriate field for their display.
  • Sooner or later I will make you bitterly regret this cheap scoffing of yours at my qualifications as a professional detective.
  • Mr. Murray was a scholarly gentleman, but possessed no special qualifications for so important an office.
  • He is a supreme example of two great qualifications for effective talking: having something worth while to say, and knowing how to say it.
  • The reader should have some idea of the qualifications or charms which the Arabs in general consider requisite to the perfection of female beauty.
  • To be good behind the shoulder, good in the girth, and well down in the fore-rib, are the qualifications most difficult to attain.
  • I maintain that neither orthodoxy of life nor conduct weigh with women as long as the suitor has the qualifications I have mentioned.
  • His qualifications for office were all superlative: he was very short, very corpulent, very illiterate, very irascible, and very stupid.
  • Equally far be it from me to intimate that there is any deficiency of qualifications on the part of masters of Grammar Schools.
  • Neither of the two qualifications upon which particular stress is laid in the above Instructions was possessed by Pepys.
  • I applied at every music shop, and made known my qualifications at every boarding-school I could discover.
  • The responsibility and authority of these general ministers varied in accordance with their own gifts and qualifications and the degree of development attained by the churches among which they labored.
  • They form the essential qualifications of a being who has assumed to himself the task of bringing men out of the abyss of darkness and ignorance, and leading them to deliverance.
  • I had heard of your intention of keeping school before you wrote to me, and had rejoiced for the good cause as only one can do who knows your peculiar qualifications for it.
  • The manner in which you have been defended leaves not a vestige of suspicion attaching to you either in connection with this matter, your professional qualifications or your standing as a citizen.

Definition of Qualifications

plural of qualification

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