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How To Use Qualified In A Sentence?

  • In this temper he is little qualified to review such a regulation with reason and good sense.
  • The people needed a leader, and who was better qualified for that than their trusted prince?
  • Dr. Randall, posing as a nerve specialist, and fully qualified to do so, had lived a double life.
  • That he was well qualified to select such papers is evident from an examination of the list which he made out.
  • That all were properly qualified to discharge the duties of their office no one will assert who knows what those qualifications are.
  • American inventors were therefore well qualified to deal with this problem of communicating by sound under the water.
  • In the bottom of their hearts they believe such hardy miscreants to be the only men qualified for great affairs.
  • Fifteen hundred qualified officers were told that they would have to stay and train men for the next contingent.
  • She seemed to have greatly sobered; and the sound sense which she had always shown became more and more qualified with a thoughtful sweetness.
  • They're all qualified cybernetics technicians; they can do this work better than this gang we've had to hire here.
  • If there be no parent or guardian qualified and competent to discharge the duty, the district court shall appoint a guardian.
  • The article in question is a craze, which no editor should have admitted, except after severe inspection by qualified persons.
  • Murtagh was deemed the best qualified person in Ireland to be entrusted with the delicate office of getting their money from them.
  • He had never sought for the appointment, nor wished for it, nor, indeed, ever believed himself qualified for it.
  • In the present instance, certainly, the separate voices qualified and softened down each other, so as to produce a good compound.
  • This is the distinction between strict or absolute law, and the law of equity, that is to say, the law qualified by historical circumstances.
  • His wealth also added to his importance, and it was not surprising, perhaps, that he considered himself qualified to hold independent opinions.
  • Dr. Johnson, having partially examined the lives of both, must have been so far qualified to do justice between them.
  • We do not sympathize with even this qualified stricture on the remarks of Doctor Holmes here referred to.
  • Nor would the Congress have been in any way qualified to discharge the functions of a Parliament had there been room for one.
  • It was a very qualified and limited toleration, and one from which Catholics and Arminians were excluded.
  • The time may, perhaps, come when every teacher, to be considered qualified for his work, must possess this skill.
  • This course is intended for Freshmen, who in the opinion of the Department are not qualified for military drill.
  • I am not qualified to speak with authority about his fulfilment of the trumpery trivialities which fill up garrison life, but here is one anecdote about him.
  • To insure a more judicial personnel the convention specifies that members shall be qualified to hold high legal posts in their respective countries.
  • The members of that caste and they alone are qualified to superintend religious observances, and without them the intercourse between man and the gods cannot be kept up.
  • As he had passed examinations in six native languages and had studied others nobody was better qualified for the post or seemed to be more likely to get it.
  • Meantime, the public would have no means of deciding which was best, nor any opportunity for learning when a professional man was properly qualified for his duties.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Qualified | Qualified Sentence

  • Seven pupils qualified during 1912.
  • He feels that the reader is a qualified interpreter.
  • The available total of qualified naval aviators was 5.
  • Few, qualified to teach domestic economy, 65.
  • Both well qualified for the task they have undertaken.
  • The following have qualified privately, R. Ae.
  • Besides, few men in those early ages were qualified for this work.
  • True when written, but now needing to be qualified by one exception.
  • He can provide qualified teachers, and can compel the children to attend.
  • Get a qualified lawyer to tell you what we've agreed to and what we haven't.
  • Their places were filled by young, active and well qualified men.
  • He is qualified as a chemist, but is unsettled, vagrant, prefers play-acting.

Definition of Qualified

Meeting the standards, requirements, and training for a position. | Restricted or limited by conditions. | simple past tense and past participle of qualify
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