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  • Here she studied at the French Red Cross to qualify as a nurse.
  • I_ qualify as a subject?"

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  • He proved himself a clever aerial gunner, and so won the opportunity to qualify as a pilot.
  • I remember the following incident which occurred on this trip: I tried to qualify as a deck hand.
  • The notion that a marine must qualify as a sailor aboard ship has probably cost the corps many a prospective recruit.
  • No man should be allowed to qualify as a tipster unless he has taken a degree at one of the Universities.
  • From which I deduced that George was not only a humorist, but in a fair way to qualify as a philosopher as well.
  • It was for Miss Blake that he was striving to qualify as a minister; it was of her that he thought all day and dreamt all night.
  • By stipends and scholarships promising younger members from among the foreign-born groups should be encouraged to qualify as home teachers and as classroom and extension instructors in these fields.
  • It was a grim jest with us that it took ten days to qualify as a shell expert, and at the end of two weeks all those who qualified attended the funeral of those who had failed.
  • It is most desirable when possible to engage Scout leaders as counsellors, but they should qualify as do all other counsellors, for the camp specialties.
  • There are actions that have no relation to us, that, consequently, we cannot estimate and judge on the ground of our interest, that we nevertheless qualify as good or bad.
  • And the cripple clenched again within his right hand, the image attached to the rosary in his bosom, as if to satisfy himself by its contact of the truth and right of those deeds, which he strove to qualify as holy.
  • Certainly in all the days and weeks that followed, Drew never failed to qualify as a "gentle creature.
  • I was duly made acquainted with Bat, and later with his wife, who, if she did have a trace of Indian blood in her, could certainly qualify as the patron saint of hungry men.
  • Falling credit, as you say, lowering of interest, as you say; M. Bonaparte has already made several of those decrees which you choose to qualify as socialistic, and he will make more.
  • When, in a sentence in Esperanto, there is no noun or pronoun which the adjective can qualify (as in case of verbs in the infinitive, or used impersonally), the adverb is used in Esperanto in place of the adjective.
  • Winchester Quarter Sessions to qualify as J.P. for Hampshire, having been recently appointed by Lord Carnarvon.
  • The question of wardrobe was a source of worry, until I volunteered my services; I was a good needlewoman, and, from the sketches Will made, I was able to qualify as a full-fledged costumier.
  • Crowded on the ends of the branches, these leaves would entitle this tree to qualify as a "foxtail" pine, except for the fact that the foliage persists into the third and fourth year, which clothes the branches far back toward the trunk and gives the tree a luxuriant crown.
  • Not only did thousands of them qualify as nurses, and offer their services in the hospitals at home and abroad, but many of them became munition workers, ticket collectors, tram conductors, motor-car drivers, farm servants, and letter carriers.
  • So it boiled down to a choice between growing up to be a woman with low self esteem and a malformed body, and donating the rest of her life to some boy who--strange memories aside--might actually qualify as normal.
  • The man who could qualify as her husband must be clean and four-square and game from the soles of his feet up--such a man as Dave Dingwell, except that the cattleman was ten years too old for her.
  • In this cruise he seems to have spent a little over a year; a time, however, that was not lost to him for the accomplishment of the period of service technically required to qualify as a lieutenant, his name continuing throughout on the books of the "Triumph," to which he returned in July, 1772.
  • They may be Scout Captains or people who know little about the Scout work, but whoever they are all should qualify as to character, willingness to cooperate, love for children, ability to teach or to do well one or more things, and possess a personality which will make for happiness and success.
  • Even though this be matter which pertains to a chapter on internal policy rather than to religion, I can do no less than say, succinctly and in passing, that in my opinion the ideas of Senor Comyn are very true; and that nothing could better qualify as men weak in affairs of state the governors or counselors who dictated the present ordinances and the above-mentioned measures and phrases printed in them against the religious.
  • I do not wish to boast, but I think that if some emergency should arise requiring me to prepare offhand an article on suspenders, straw hats, automobiles, or canned tomatoes, I could qualify as an apparent authority, anyhow, from things I have heard directly from the good fellows pursuing those particular lines, or have overheard in their chats with others, in the smoking cars.
  • is the question he must solve satisfactorily before he can qualify as a suitable husband.
  • It contains absolutely no rubbish, hardly, indeed, a single object which it would be just to qualify as second-rate.--
  • Maybe some day I'll qualify as a real ranger," sighed Charley, "but I'm glad I had this opportunity to learn something."
  • I qualify as a genius--you mean there isn't a place for me _somewhere_ in the universe?
  • "Doris, before you could get your Board of Psychiatry and Neurology diploma, you had to qualify as a regular M.D., didn't you?
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