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  • These qualities are invaluable to the ornamentist.
  • The marriage of the two qualities is in their speech.
  • Other qualities he had in plenty, but not these.
  • To her other good qualities she joined that of being a most excellent manager.
  • When the state is unquiet, personal qualities are more than ever decisive.
  • That half was made up of qualities of which Raymond was wholly destitute.
  • We love any forms, however ugly, from which great qualities shine.
  • Three qualities distinguish sound: loudness, pitch, and timbre.
  • You might think that these qualities would displease the reviewer's editor.

How To Use Qualities In A Sentence?

  • It had some of the qualities of the silence which goes with long-established companionships.
  • More than ever in those few moments she realised the spiritual qualities of his face.
  • Nor does this reflect in any way upon the superb soldierly qualities of his predecessor.
  • The foregoing shows what are the qualities of lines and the ways they require to be treated.
  • I hinted that she lacked housewifely qualities he smiled and shifted the subject abruptly.
  • Useful, of course, such qualities were: but that was not in question at the time.
  • Combining the best qualities of his dual ancestry, he makes a lively appeal to the average heart.
  • And yet, there were about Parsons certain distinct qualities of charm and interest.
  • In great qualities of the heart and brain, Dooley is gifted beyond all propriety.
  • You are open and candid, qualities which I never before found in publishers, and this pleases me.
  • Sir Graham took me up and we fell into a discussion of the changing qualities of Liberalism.
  • Generally the China markets use rather better qualities than the Indian markets.
  • Our young officer dwells on the manly qualities of Cuba Tom with something like affection.
  • It was easier to suspect her of this than to imagine in the man qualities which would be worthy of her.
  • The men were the pick of the frontier; no more expressive description of their qualities can be given.
  • Such an object is a combination of sense qualities with attributes of wider range by which thought defines concrete relations and connexions.
  • Some governors had been without previous political experience while others were deficient in the qualities required in a successful colonial ruler.
  • As they are formed by using wood in a manner which fails to utilise its qualities of strength, these chairs are offensive and absurd.
  • Silk nets have three good qualities for night work, those made of any other material being cumbersome and nearly useless.
  • We have voted many qualities to be virtues, now, that they never thought of calling virtues formerly.
  • Perfect truth, perfect honesty, perfect candor, were qualities of her character which were born with her.
  • He was quick tempered, decisive, yet possessing certain very likable qualities that were of tremendous help to him there.
  • The demons grow in demoniacal qualities till suddenly you arrive again at the Buddha from whom you started.
  • It seems almost scandalous that new things should continue to happen, swamping with strange qualities the savour of these old associations.
  • These savage traits were not his, though all the good qualities of the Indian he possessed in double measure.
  • The qualities of electromagnets and lamps in these respects are used to advantage by the lamp signal arrangement shown in Fig.
  • They held, as we are told, that there was but one imam, and they ascribed the qualities of divinity to Ali.
  • General Proctor, was incompetent and, in all the qualities of real manhood, the inferior of his savage ally.
  • The new age brings new qualities into request, the virtues of pirates gave way to those of planters, merchants, senators, and scholars.
  • His admiration for the devotion and bravery of the army was combined with the greatest distaste for what he had seen of the way its great qualities were misused.
  • But for other reasons specialized processes might be looked for where qualities were highest, as by specialism alone can the greatest excellence be attained.

Definition of Qualities

plural of quality
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