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  • They were quarreling about something.
  • Have you two been quarreling again?
  • In quarreling about the shadow we often lose the substance.
  • Their pens scratched as though quarreling with the paper.
  • But I am tired of this eternal quarreling with you.
  • And no quarreling this time, Marie!
  • Peter Rabbit and Sammy Jay stopped quarreling to look.
  • The rent wasn't worth quarreling about.
  • The spectacle of the two partners quarreling startled them all.
  • Ted knew it was time to haul down his quarreling colors and behave.
  • So close did they pass, he heard them quarreling among themselves.
  • The day finished peaceably, and we saw no scenes of quarreling or drunkenness.
  • And I wouldn't dream of quarreling with you about that.
  • Lord, we shall be quarreling like a couple of backyard dames next ...
  • Does he, in fact, so often get into difficulty, quarreling and fighting?
  • I Snow was falling in Sloane Square, quarreling with rain as it fell.
  • I'm out of sorts, I suppose, or I shouldn't be quarreling like a Christian.
  • There is no use in quarreling with him," she says, nervously.

How To Use Quarreling In A Sentence?

  • But they merely exchanged glances and thought some men were quarreling over a game of billiards.
  • A number of quarreling letters followed, after which the correspondence came to an end.
  • Here we have two professions quarreling with one another, and who shall say which is right?
  • The kings, as we have already seen, were perpetually quarreling with the nobles.
  • I heard a commotion and quarreling without, and somebody was thrown into the room next to me.
  • His uncosmopolitan moodiness, his vulgar quarreling over cards, were typical instances.
  • He spends his entire time, first calling me, and then quarreling with me when he finds me.
  • A Father had a family of sons who were perpetually quarreling among themselves.
  • But within the hour he had come near quarreling with her, he also, and on more than one score.
  • The steps usually are crowded with dirty, quarreling children and a sore-eyed cat or two.
  • But it seemed to her that she ought to keep Dolly from quarreling with an old friend if she could.
  • She remembers, too, the constant quarreling over the food bill, and thinks that is very common.
  • Dulce and Roger are, as usual, quarreling in a deadly, if carefully-subdued fashion.
  • When he had grown tired of quarreling with Jimmy Skunk, he had tried to take a nap.
  • Then all this fool quarreling and shooting will stop, and everybody in here will be on good terms again.
  • What eternal nonsense it is to be quarreling about whether he and his Father are of the same essence.
  • As might have been expected, an interminable amount of quarreling and ill-will grew out of this affair.
  • Their pugnacious dispositions are well known, and they not only fight among themselves but are incessantly quarreling with their neighbors.
  • In an ancient city of the East there were seven brothers who were constantly quarreling among themselves.
  • Their pugnacious dispositions are well known, and they not only fight among themselves, but are incessantly quarreling with their neighbors.
  • But these spent most of their time in exploring the bay and the rivers, in hunting for gold, and in quarreling with one another.
  • Billy Mink and Little Joe Otter and Jimmy Skunk stopped quarreling and looked at each other.

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