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  • Apocalipsis quarto capitulo.
  • The volume is a quarto sumptuous in printing and binding.
  • No quarto dia fui ao parque.
  • Al quarto tentativo fu ferito alla faccia.
  • Sepultusque fuit die quarto tunc proximum insequente.
  • Published in six quarto volumes (vol.
  • Over 800 quarto pages; over 2,000 engravings.
  • It consists of 539 quarto pages, in double columns.
  • I possess a copy, a quarto volume of 464 pages.
  • The quarto Dictionary in two volumes cost twenty dollars.
  • The gem of the collection is a quarto MS.
  • Cloth, small quarto (7 x 9), $1.00.
  • Cloth, small quarto (9 x 10), $1.00.
  • Royal Quarto or Imperial Octavo.
  • Cloth, small quarto (9 x 10 inches), $1.00.
  • The Little Quarto Shakespeare.
  • Complete in one Elegant Quarto Volume of 618 pages.
  • The Quarto Edition, printed for Robson.
  • A third Quarto (Q3) was printed from F1 in 1630.
  • I and III, a quarto series issued by the Survey.
  • In this small quarto volume the illustrations are rough cuts.
  • It is a four-page quarto document, only a few copies of which are preserved.
  • The first edition that we have seen is a black-letter quarto of the year 1547.
  • This was republished in two quarto volumes at Frankfort in 1625.
  • This map is made on the largest scale, containing sixteen large quarto sheets.
  • Os tres dias seguintes a velha levou fechada no seu quarto a chorar...
  • A porta do seu quarto estava fechada por dentro, como era costume.
  • Cassell's Quarto Shakespeare.
  • He did not take the trouble to compare the text of the Quarto with that of F4.
  • Cloth, full gilt, large imperial quarto (11 x 14-1/2 inches), $3.00.
  • Cloth, full gilt, large imperial quarto (11 x 14-1/2 inches), $4.50.

How To Use Quarto In A Sentence?

  • It consists of three quarto volumes, of some nine hundred closely printed pages each.
  • On an average one foot will contain ten octavo or quarto volumes or six folio ones.
  • Un quarto battaglione, un quarto uniforme: pennacchi, colori, armi, tutto diverso.
  • Coll., was issued by the College, in three handsomely-printed quarto volumes, in 1860-62.
  • I confess I never attempted these big Latin volumes, numbering 450 closely-printed quarto pages.
  • The Catalogue of the collection was issued from the University Press, in a quarto volume, in 1814.

Definition of Quarto

(paper) A size of paper (7.5"-10" x 10"-12.5" or 190-254 x 254-312 mm). Formed by folding and cutting one of several standard sizes of paper (15"-20" x 20"-25" or 381-508 x 508-635 mm) twice to form 4 leaves (eight sides). | (printing) A book size, corresponding to the paper size.
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