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  • She seemed to quaver in the dusk.
  • His voice had a pathetic quaver of weariness.
  • There, too, was the quaver of the wolf.
  • Sally nodded, making her voice quaver by the motion.
  • What possessed that unlucky voice of mine to quaver in the way it did?
  • Jerry's voice was low, but there was no quaver in it.
  • Her hand trembled a little, and there was a slight quaver in her voice.
  • He rose, and in a shrill little quaver he bade her take his place.
  • At this point Missy gathered her courage to quaver a suggestion.
  • There was just a little quaver in Leigh's voice.
  • He heard Von Wetten's voice with a quaver in it.

How To Use Quaver In A Sentence?

  • Nancy meant her voice to be light, and she was appalled to hear the quaver in it.
  • Now and then a faint bird-note broke the hush, or the mournful quaver of a screech-owl.
  • From somewhere on the distant hillside came the sweet, shrill quaver of a reed instrument.
  • Banjo's voice had a quaver of earnestness in it that needed no daylight to enforce.
  • But a tender, minute quaver in the negation showed that there was something forced in that statement.
  • The movement must be slow, for there are arpeggios of eight notes to the quaver beat in the guitar part.
  • She has soft and indeterminate features, and when she speaks her voice, a little shaken by the quaver of age, is soft and indeterminate also.
  • There was an anxious little quaver in her voice as she dismounted and, going in front of Texas, took his head between her hands.
  • Dick listened in silence till the last little quaver had died away, and then said: "Whew!
  • She might not have perceived it so quickly even then had it not been for the second of hesitation before Drusilla answered and the quaver in her voice when she did.
  • Voices from far off would quaver to him therefore in the stillness; where he knew for the most recurrent, little by little, the faint wail of his wife.

Definition of Quaver

To shake in a trembling manner. | (intransitive) To use the voice in a trembling manner, as in speaking or singing. | (transitive) To utter quaveringly.
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