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  • His quavering voice was pathetic.
  • Again the quavering voice of the captain arose.
  • A long, quavering wail sounded from the hold below.
  • The quavering tones reminded George.
  • The quavering measure thrills them so that they can not sit still.
  • Would the quavering slaves have presence of mind to divert suspicion?
  • The quavering breath left his throat in long moans as he ran on and on and on.
  • And in your cups with quavering voice you torment Cupid shamelessly.
  • She drew a long, quavering breath; but she scorned weeping women.
  • Lloyd," he repeated, the voice once so deep and powerful quavering pitifully.
  • At the beginning of that quavering statement Dexter Allison's lips fell apart.

How To Use Quavering In A Sentence?

  • The music broke out into its shaking, quavering iteration of the pulse of the dance.
  • The quavering chant ceased, and the undimmed old eyes looked again into the face of the man.
  • A shrill quavering yell rang through the camp, and awakened every echo in the forest.
  • It was the thin, quavering tone of a man who was mourning, and wished to be left alone.
  • A wild, haunting, feminine scream arose to a quavering soprano and sobbed away into silence.
  • So there in the ruddy firelight they danced to the quavering music, and peace for once in a while lay among them.
  • A mournful wail that ended in a quavering tremolo fell from the air as the harsh laughter died away.
  • Marise was so acutely disappointed that she felt a quavering ache in her throat, and kept silence for a moment.
  • She seated herself upon the other side of the bed and in quavering tones commenced to accuse the delays of old age.
  • Also he shouted, but his ordinarily strong voice sounded in his now appalled ears a mere quavering rumble.
  • He was received with a long quavering cry of welcome by the women, and by a deeper hum of applause by the men.
  • Again the room was still, and again from the far reaches of space the dark night sent to them its quavering call.
  • The engaged man of fifty stepped quavering out from the wall, his betrothed beginning to sob on the back of the chair.
  • His lips moved with an unformulated murmur as her hysterical, quavering scream of joyful recognition rang through the room.
  • But he called to it in vain; the turtle never came, and soon his quavering voice was hushed in death.
  • And now, unless he was mistaken, there was something very much like emotion quavering in her thin voice and shining in her old eyes.
  • His voice was quavering but loud, as if he could scarcely hear it himself, and tried to make it rise above a whirl of sounds that filled his brain.
  • She cried whenever she sang a sentimental song, but never gave up to her tears, singing on with blinded eyes and quavering voice.
  • Through the void came the quavering call of a coyote, and he listened for the reply, which soon came from the black chaparral across the clearing.
  • It was a sing-song whine, with the quavering intonations of a beggar, and it filled Mackintosh with disgust.
  • The reg'lar train's busted through a culbert out yander," the high, quavering voice persisted.
  • She did nothing; and the coyote pointed his nose to the moon, yap-yap-yapped a quavering defiance, and slunk out of sight over the hill crest.
  • Then, sinking back on its haunches, it raised its gray nose to the sky and poured out its grief in one long, quavering howl of surprising volume.
  • A long cry, quavering at first, and then rising to a fierce top note to die away later in a ferocious, wolfish whine came through the fog.
  • Under the sign-post, in the pouring rain, he stands, and watches another quavering figure drifting down the Wayfleet road.
  • Poets would make verses about him as they had about the sainted Samuel Bass, dance-hall maidens would sing his glory in quavering quatrains.
  • The next day the embassy took its departure with its barbaric music playing, and the strange quavering cries of the women answering it over the country.
  • Susanna sat in her corner beside the aged Tabitha, who would never dance again before the Lord, though her quavering voice joined in the chorus.
  • A long, quavering howl, mingled of rage and desperation, answered in Willy Woolly's voice.

Definition of Quavering

Trembling, or prone to trembling and shaking. | present participle of quaver | The act of something that quavers.
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