Queerness In A Sentence

How To Use Queerness In A Sentence?

  • But I shall say no more at present, as her queerness is the subject of the rest of this story.
  • Langdon was "queer," and to an Indian that sort of queerness boded no good to man.
  • I was so eager to be in the midst of it that I never paused to consider the queerness of the expedition.
  • Susan, too, perforce sat down again, wondering internally at the queerness of her sister's taste.
  • Perhaps part of their little Ralph's queerness and abnormality comes from lack of proper food.
  • Inspired by the cordial, and the queerness of this setting, Peter felt that he was the central figure of a dream.
  • Yet really it was on the queerness of things as they are in the uniform jacket of propriety and the same things when circumstance thrusts the human creature out of his enveloping customs and sends him into battle.
  • She was next overcome by the unspeakable queerness of the fact that she should be sitting in an arm-chair, in the morning, in the middle of the world.
  • Add a little queerness to the travelling dress, a pinch or two to the black bonnet, and how easy were it to make a witch out of the sibyl of these present leaves!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Queerness | Queerness Sentence

  • They're queerness itself.
  • Now here it was again, the spectre of her queerness rising to distress him.
  • The queerness was, such a figure being associated with classic youth.
  • I wonder whether you've got over the queerness yet.

Definition of Queerness

(uncountable) The quality of being queer or odd. | (countable) Something queer; an oddity. | (uncountable) The quality of being queer, in the sense of not conforming to sexual or gender norms.
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