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  • I must quell these tumults.
  • I compresses my heart to quell its yearning.
  • He felt compelled to go himself and quell it.
  • But he failed ignominiously to quell the revolt.
  • Soldiers were needed to quell the resulting riot.
  • He cannot forever quell the aspirations of the spirit.
  • She tried to quell her tremors by simulating indignation.
  • Do they need so much force to quell the crowd?
  • I will quell my rebellious heart even if it must break.
  • Unable to quell the desire, she threw wide the window.
  • Great Oak alone could quell the tumult.
  • To quell the rising clamor; Order!
  • They repress themselves so much that they quell all their best impulses.
  • Theodore tries to quell the big monopolies and look out for the people.
  • Danger did not quell her, but her doubting heart tormented her.
  • He must quell them with his eye, and draw ways and means out of his silk hat.
  • Lloyd tried to quell Brook's fears.
  • Sir James Brooke helped the Sultan of Borneo to quell a native uprising.

How To Use Quell In A Sentence?

  • One proved to be a sergeant who was trying to quell the noise and get his men into quarters.
  • But sometimes a single bold man can quell much more numerous opposition than even this.
  • By threats and warnings the untutored English officers thought to quell the disturbance.
  • Perhaps Brant tried to quell the disorder, but, if he did, his efforts were in vain.
  • She despatched Gonzaga to quell the men, a course that Fortemani treated to a covert sneer.
  • But all his virtues did not suffice to quell the malice and disappointed ambition of his imperial sister.
  • Should a disturbance of a serious nature break out in your town, whose immediate duty would it be to quell it?
  • The country will be agitated, and the farmers and townsfolk suffer great misery, if we cannot quell the tumult.
  • He recapitulated the arguments which yesterday he had made use of to quell the mutinous spirit of Cappoccio.
  • Full of life and animation, nothing could quell her spirits, and in most cases she had only to appear to dispel the gloom.
  • Finally the young soldier sat on one of the centre barrels and tried to quell their antics, without much success.
  • Stimulants, the only mode of treatment hitherto attempted, cannot quell the disease; they do but heighten the delirium.
  • But now such a row, everybody wanted to go to the rescue, and it became a matter of difficulty to quell the military ardour of the army.
  • Mr. Bromfield spake of raising a number of men to quell them, and was in some heat ready to run into the street.
  • The girl, gripping one hand in the other as if to quell her rising horror, sat looking before her, and seemed barely to breathe.
  • And then, added to this, was the sense of entire dependence on a stranger, which, no doubt, helped to quell her spirit.
  • Bolivar managed to quell the opposition in dictatorial fashion; but his prestige had by this time fallen so low that an attempt was made to assassinate him.
  • Although they were thankful to escape from the wreck, when they reached the land they found themselves in a scene desolate enough to quell the bravest soul.
  • So that when Madame von Marwitz sought to quell him she found herself met with a gentle unawareness, even a gentle indifference.
  • His expression was sufficient to quell any enthusiasm I might have had, and I, too, became despondent.
  • His reason strove to assert itself, and to quell the tumult of his tortured heart; and again and again he reminded himself that there was no such thing as sorrow of the soul.

Definition of Quell

(transitive) To subdue, to put down; to silence or force (someone) to submit. [from 10th c.] | (transitive) To suppress, to put an end to (something); to extinguish. [from 14th c.] | (obsolete, transitive) To kill. [9th-19th c.]
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