Quenched in a sentence

Definition of Quenched

simple past tense and past participle of quench

How to use Quenched in a Sentence?

  • My own poor heart seems to have partaken of the chill that has quenched her life.
  • The pale, pure moonlight that bathed the surrounding forests was quenched and eclipsed here.
  • We found muddy water, with which we quenched our thirsts and gave the horses a few quarts of it.
  • He started a sarcastic smile, but quenched it, according to the etiquette of his profession.
  • The demon having quenched his thirst, returned, and lifting the bag carried it home.
  • One by one they were quenched as they fell, Only the blue burned steadily.
  • But these passionate outbursts of feeling were soon quenched by the necessity all saw for prompt action.
  • When they had quenched their thirst he gathered them together, and began to drive them back again to where he had left his father and uncles.
  • The cold chill of the indifferent public would have reacted on the artist, and quenched the fire of his inspiration.
  • Had it been herself he desired, surely that tone had quenched all passion in him, or else transformed it into hatred.
  • The captains soon quenched the fire, and stopping the leak turned their prize into a floating hospital-ship.
  • The simplest thing, and an act which would have left them more freedom, would have been to have quenched the fire at once.
  • Then a hasty meal was made, and as the darkness fell the fire was quenched by throwing over it a bucket or two of water.
  • The tavern is a dangerous place to him, for to drink and be drunk is with him all one, and his brain is sooner quenched than his thirst.
  • He is old, but all these years have not yet quenched his thirst for evil, and his eyes still delight themselves in wickedness.
  • But he had eaten largely, and he was conscious of thirst, a thirst that could be quenched easily at a little spring in the wood.
  • At least she was indifferent until, glancing from the top stones, one upset her coffee-pot and quenched her little cooking-fire.
  • But I was the only one who tasted it; the manner of brewing it having quenched the thirst of every one else.
  • At last it healed; but years of suffering had quenched the ardour of youth, and when he did apply for employment, his services had been forgotten.
  • Streams of water played on the flames, and quenched them; and the children and the Orphan-house were saved.
  • God, however, quenched it through the power of His might, as thou seest again in this day with these infidels and evil-doers.
  • Conscience again whispered, "Home," but so feebly, that his own footstep forward quenched its voice.
  • My high hopes and eager interest in the matter were soon quenched by fatigue; but faithful to my promise, I examined each house in turn.
  • But, alas for the scheme, what was apparently jealousy on the part of Soult had quenched all ardor in the Andalusian invasion.
  • Earnest love, satisfying itself with small gratifications, is a more copious source of happiness than that frequently quenched by full gratification.
  • Though his popularity was quenched in lunacy, his impress upon Irish politics remains as powerful and lasting as upon English literature.

Short Example Sentence for Quenched

  • Suddenly it was quenched by great tears.
  • But the men sallied out and quenched the flames.
  • Years had never quenched in him the love of knowledge.
  • While they traveled dusk quenched the flaming peaks.
  • When her thirst was quenched she went on half musingly.
  • It must be suppressed, or quenched altogether.
  • The witches quenched their thirst; drinkes.
  • Presently they vanished, and the fire was quenched also.
  • Raised by thy breath, has quenched the orb of day?
  • Consequently he quenched his thirst with wine; he felt better and more lively.
  • Thirst may be quenched by applying moist clothes to the skin, or by bathing.
  • Your rifle jumps to position; the glowing coals are quenched on the instant.
  • A dew of moisture quenched the brown fire in the giant's eyes.
  • Fled the dragons of the dark And quenched the firefly's glimmering spark.

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