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  • She was querulous with agitation.
  • Cimarron gave a querulous groan.
  • Her voice had sounded rather querulous to him.
  • She is not dissatisfied, querulous nor envious.
  • She was sallow, thin, and rather querulous in temperament.
  • Montague's voice trailed off into a querulous sob.
  • A man's somewhat querulous accents reached him first.
  • Lamb ate nothing, and complained in a querulous tone of the veal pie.
  • Several chairs rolled back, and their occupants exchanged querulous glances.
  • Suddenly the groom, a kind of querulous shiver in his voice, spoke.
  • Both, too, were capricious, fault-finding, querulous and vain.

How To Use Querulous In A Sentence?

  • Atticus does not appear to have shewn any annoyance at the querulous remarks of his friend.
  • The author dwells on his advancing years, but this he does not do in a querulous fashion.
  • It is not for us to explain this flaming figure in terms of our tired and querulous culture.
  • Phelps was still weak after his long illness, and his misfortune made him querulous and nervous.
  • A booming at the gate, followed by querulous shouts, aroused him from his lethargy.
  • But the infant, thoroughly aroused, gave out a querulous note, thin and sustained.
  • The tone of thought is grave, earnest, sometimes pensive, but never querulous or desponding.
  • Then Running Fox heard the soft, querulous call of Gokhotit, the little red owl.
  • He was rehearsing a well-known strain, but at the end there came up from the bushes underneath a querulous call.
  • His gray hair was thinning in front, and his sharp querulous face was seamed in frowning pattern about the eyes.
  • For a voice in the hall, or a sick querulous summons from the downstairs chamber, or the scraping of a chair from above?
  • The dawn came stealing in the eastward window: from aloft a querulous little wail was uplifted on the stillness of the summer morning.
  • He had been querulous and quite unlike his happy self; she feared he was not well, though at this moment he was sleeping quietly.
  • Sometimes the effort was beyond their power, and they snapped and snarled at one another upon the bench like two querulous old women.
  • She had a voice the most querulous I have ever heard, and with this she produced a whole regiment of difficulties and criticisms.
  • Their squalid attire, their querulous or broken voices, their haggard and bloated countenances, filled me with dread and loathing.
  • The colonel was in a querulous mood; not altogether uncommon in these days, but always very trying to Esther.
  • Mrs Beazely, the housekeeper, has become inert and querulous from rheumatism and the burden of added years.
  • The querulous complaint, and thin, shrill voice came from a small dark girl who sat at the window, peering out into the lighted street.
  • Had Ellen been sick or feeble, as she had been led to suppose, she would not have questioned leaving her, querulous and tyrannical though she was.
  • It was not the sharp, querulous voice of the deaf old woman, it was more like the voice of the young aunt whom Mary remembered in childhood.
  • There is also a sour-looking, unwholesome boy, the son of this man, whose voice is querulous and ill-natured, precisely suited to his aspect.
  • The man broke into querulous expostulation, but Walker, pointing to a woman with a sick child in her arms, told her to bring it to his desk.
  • Mother Vinegar, talking in a high-pitched, querulous voice, was complaining of the rise in prices, of the hardness of the season.
  • Fortunately the outward seeming of the passionless temperament is often worse than the reality, and querulous speech is often combined with generous action.
  • Pallid greens and browns flashed hither and thither over the tops of the whispering rushes; and from their deeps the blackbird trilled a querulous note.
  • For an instant she stood listening in silence to the querulous pipes of the bird and the earnest exhortations of the teacher on the joys of cage life for both bird and lady.
  • Our Fantasian friend, during his first studies, was as moody, absent, and querulous as are most men of genius during that mystical period of life.
  • Later, Sally stole to bed, careful not to touch her sleeping mother, lest her own chill body should awaken her and provoke a querulous scene.

Definition of Querulous

Often complaining; suggesting a complaint in expression; fretful, whining.
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