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  • Her quest seemed to be failing entirely.
  • I wanted it to be looked on as a quest entirely heroic.
  • In Quest of the Ideal.
  • Now, let us turn to John Tullis and his quest in the hills.
  • Straight through the house they went, but their quest was vain.
  • To-night's business was no quest of the golden fleece.
  • In the quest for information, she must depend upon her own efforts.
  • With ardour damped but not extinguished, we continued the quest day after day.
  • My lad then went in quest of the horse, who had run away as we drew nigh.
  • His quest was for a just and strong God, able to deliver the oppressed.
  • Oh, I've heard of your quest of adventure.
  • While on their quest the little party came one night to the house of a Quaker.
  • By thy petals shall she be told If my long, far quest is through.
  • Ye may say, By the knight that followeth the quest of the hart that was white.
  • Then he said: More, I am in a quest that I must do myself alone.
  • And here endeth the quest of Sir Tor, King Pellinore's son.
  • I may not tarry, said Sir Tor, for I am in a quest that I must needs follow.
  • In Quest of Treasure V. Deadman's Gully VI.

How To Use Quest In A Sentence?

  • All the fervour with which he had started on his perilous quest had faded away.
  • Ye shall say by the knight that went in the quest of the knight that went with the brachet.
  • One day a dealer in broken bottles and glass stopped at my door in quest of such wares.
  • I looked for; and thus the second chapter of my quest seemed to close at a tomb.
  • The street door was out of the quest ion, with Dangloss on the watch, day and night.
  • At last, with a heavy heart, he gave up the quest and returned to his King with the evil tidings.
  • The Fourteenth Book treateth of the quest of the Sangreal, and containeth x chapters.
  • And at that castle Sir Launcelot promised all his fellows to meet in the quest of Sir Tristram.
  • That will I not do, said Sir Tor, for it was my quest to bring again thy brachet, thee, or both.
  • At seven o'clock he put on his cap and started to lock up to go in quest of his missing comrade.
  • Archibald had promised to look her up during the evening, but boylike had forgotten the old friend in quest of the new.
  • The farther he went in attempting to penetrate the maze of moving trains, the more hopeless the quest seemed.
  • Again, our renaissance insights and inventions aid us in our quest for a more dimensionalised perspective on our relationship to one another.
  • Besides, being a traveller, in quest of information, considered it his duty to inquire into every thing.
  • The air was now pure again, and I determined to go down to the kitchen-garden in quest of information.
  • They looked at one another and then once more at the American who had come among them, avowedly in quest of adventure.
  • For he did not want the quest to be given up, since it would mean her going away with her two attendant grey-heads to the other side of the world.
  • Fighting, climbing, struggling upward, he closed his eyes to the awful depth to which he would fall if his quest were vain.
  • In his quest for healing and immortality Gilgamesh reached the abode of the Babylonian hero of the flood.
  • And there he was made to swear upon the Four Evangelists, to tell the truth of his quest from the one to the other.
  • Dr. Knipperhausen had been half his life engaged in seeking the short cuts to fortune, in quest of which so many a long lifetime is wasted.
  • As it was she was somewhat sharply rebuked by her mother and brother, who had just sent two servants out in quest of her, and whom it was singular that she should have missed.

Definition of Quest

To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job. | To search for; to examine. | (entomology, of a tick) To locate and attach to a host animal.
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