Questing In A Sentence

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  • He sent his gaze questing through the shadows.
  • Dalgard sent out questing tendrils of thought.
  • The knowledge questing can be made to die within them.
  • And the questing volley found them both and bade them hold their peace.
  • Not even a dog sensed him as he stood questing about for another hiding place.
  • At night we hear the questing beast, and lie awake and shiver.
  • So, while he climbed, Dalgard sent questing thoughts into the gloom.

How To Use Questing In A Sentence?

  • It was certainly he who, questing for game in the night, marked the trail with his feet.
  • And still as when it had reared on high beat through it the wild, triumphant, questing pulse.
  • As questing vainly round the close she roves, Of all her spotted yoke-fellows forlorn.
  • How King Arthur rode to Carlion, and of his dream, and how he saw the questing beast.
  • He saw that she was looking quickly at the faces about them with that same questing mystery in her search.
  • The ship was a symbol of man's questing stomach long before it was a symbol of his questing soul.
  • He had seen the questing riders push farther and farther into the desert, had seen them drop out of sight.
  • By reason of his greater height he could glance above the heads of the crowd; his eyes went questing in all directions.
  • It thrust its head back toward my face, questing with its tongue, that queer organ with which it sees in the dark.
  • Along the foreshore, questing as a wounded beast quests for lair, hurries a loaded steamer never built for speed.
  • Soon the woods became vocal with the morning songs of the birds; the guttural calls of the questing monkeys seemed to sound from every tree-top.
  • Something like a questing finger of death ran through his hair, and his hat twitched from his head, to flutter down softly ten feet away.
  • The hollows were mostly gone from his cheeks, and his eyes no longer had the fierce, questing look of the famishing wild animal in search of prey.
  • The sweat oozed out on all their faces, and now one, and again another, drew deep breaths, involuntarily questing for more air.
  • So, like a questing knight, nursing his hurts after his first combat, he sat out on the boundless prairie and communed with his own sad heart.
  • Two minutes later, around the questing aeroplane appeared a succession of sudden fleecy puffs of smoke, looking soft and harmless as cotton-wool.
  • He arrived on board a tiny schooner yacht, master and owner, a youth questing romance and adventure along the sun-washed path of the tropics.
  • And of the railroad stations and the Woolworth Tower with its gothic pinnacles questing into heaven, what pilgrim words are adequate!
  • And she was staring out over the sea of faces under them in a strange questing way, and her breath came from between her slightly parted lips as if she had been running.
  • Already, he was starting on a life-long quest for that same five, and Catie, nothing loath, went questing by his side.
  • To-day she was no different than yesterday, or the day before, except that her cheeks were not so deeply flushed, and there was an uneasy questing in her eyes.
  • And he remembered the mystery of her color, when, questing an inn, he had glanced at the house on the cliff and hinted that her uncle might consent to be his host.
  • However, he decided that as the two were working together, he would probably find the second by keeping on after the first, rather than by questing at large for a lost trail.

Definition of Questing

present participle of quest | The act of going in quest of something.
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