Question Mark In A Sentence

Definition of Question Mark

(typography) The punctuation mark ⟨?⟩, used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question. | (figuratively, informal) A state of doubt or uncertainty. | Polygonia interrogationis, a North American nymphalid butterfly with a silver mark on the underside resembling a question mark.

How To Use Question Mark In A Sentence?

  • Information not yet confirmed is indicated as doubtful; e.g., by a question mark.
  • Will once laughingly remarked that I had developed into a veritable human question mark.
  • Then he took out a ledger; and against the name of Tamiya he placed a question mark.
  • Back of them the Postmaster, turned toward the audience, metamorphosed into a question mark.
  • And why in the name of the Sacred Question-mark, was his life a string of questions!
  • We always went to church in the morning, and people were very kind, but it was kindness with a question-mark.
  • Jimmy, breathless and hatless, his whole figure one huge question-mark, exploded like a bunch of fire-crackers.
  • She was a small, purring lady, with a tilt of the head, and an insinuating voice of singular clearness, with a question-mark in it.
  • And there, Question-mark, are the pink tourmalines I propose to use for rosebuds in this necklace of silver leaves.
  • The expression within is punctuated as if it stood by itself, except that the final stop is omitted unless it is a question mark or an exclamation point.
  • The concluding sentence in a quoted letter by the author ends with a question mark in the original publication, a likely typesetting error for a period at the end of the sentence which would agree with the context.
  • In Chapter XL, a period was changed to a question mark after "had not the Emperor himself promised to come".
  • In the body text, the items "Spearheads" and "Needlecases" are written with parenthetical question mark (?).
  • The first stage of any technology is the Question Mark, often known as the "Golden Vaporware" stage.
  • In Chapter XIX, a period was changed to a question mark after "What could be the reasons of his delay".
  • In profile the most striking things about him were his nose and Adam's apple; he had a close resemblance to a question mark.
  • In Chapter XXXII, a period was added after the chapter number, and a period was changed to a question mark after "And is the lady worthy of you".
  • The brackets and question mark are in the original: "when we [moved?] against France".
  • On page 8, "singingmaster" was replaced with "singing master" On page 14, a period after "St. Stephen's" was replaced with a question mark.
  • In Chapter XXI, a period was changed to a question mark after "where have you put it", and "reached Michael Teleki at Gernyizeg" was changed to "reached Michael Teleki at Gernyeszeg".
  • Illiad to Iliad (wrote an Iliad) p. 199: period to question mark (of the animal world?)
  • In Chapter XXIX, a period was changed to a question mark after "it is a little disconcerting to be watched when at work", "the sped of a comet" was changed to "the speed of a comet", and "shone mockingly in his ayes" was changed to "shone mockingly in his eyes".
  • Do you remember a story about the bush-men dying from a curse?{original had a period instead of the question mark} Page 106: {original had a superfluous quotation mark here}Here," he pointed to a pinpoint of light upon the map.
  • How came you away up here by your lonesome, and what brought your father and old Hans----" Her purple-shaded eyes widened, each one a question-mark.
  • It was the last question mark in the sketchy history of Hirlaj which the survey team had compiled since its arrival--how had the Hirlaji managed so abruptly to establish and maintain an era of peace which had lasted unbroken to the present?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Question Mark | Question Mark Sentence

  • The question mark denotes that a number is obscured.
  • A reversed semicolon was used as a question mark.
  • He glanced up, a question mark in his expression.
  • He, too, had a question-mark in his secret mind.
  • One question mark was Schmitz.
  • What a question-mark was Kahn Meng!
  • Peter's countenance became a question mark.
  • Now I wonder what that question-mark on the margin can mean.
  • The transcriber has replaced the question mark with a period (full stop).
  • The question mark after "thousand men" on Page 115 has been retained.
  • Rose's eyes were fixed, and her mouth a round, blank question mark.
  • In Chapter XXVI, a missing question mark was added after =
  • The question mark "(?)
  • there is another questionable question-mark.
  • Page 355--Changed period to question mark after "next" in--

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