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  • Lou regarded the questioner calmly.
  • I remember a questioner at one of my lectures.
  • Her questioner looked at her a moment in silence.
  • The questioner at once wrote down the word on the paper.
  • Spencer observed his questioner suspiciously for a second.
  • The barrister looked his questioner straight in the eyes.
  • As grave of mien as his questioner he bobbed his head.
  • But he did not allow Jubei to turn questioner in his turn.
  • The questioner commented with acidity on the manners of his opponents.
  • The new boy gazed in grave bewilderment at the questioner during this speech.
  • Instead, he inspected his questioner critically from head to foot.
  • Cosmo Versal looked at his questioner with an ironical smile.
  • She said I was a poet and my questioner turned away contemptuously.
  • The questioner was Bill Whitney; who had come in to look for Tod.

How To Use Questioner In A Sentence?

  • It was curious to mark the difference of manner between questioner and respondent.
  • My questioner had seemed to know about it that morning: and all this perplexed me.
  • The questioner had turned back after the country girl and the fat man had passed out.
  • Seeing that the questioner was a beautiful girl, he regarded her with a kindly smile.
  • The waggoner responded tartly, for he fancied that his questioner was trying to chaff him.
  • This questioner was of mature age, but had not passed the period of attractiveness and grace.
  • Somehow the thing was harder to discuss with Luke as a questioner than with any one else.
  • The questioner was the sharp-eyed boy who had bothered poor Dick Lee that morning.
  • This inquiry was Greek to Bertie, and his questioner perceived that he failed to understand.
  • Which did not quite satisfy the questioner at the time, but was soon forgotten in the rush of other things.
  • There is no road open for the doubter and questioner of popular rights but that which leads back to abandoned ground.
  • Another rough questioner amongst her judges sought to confuse her by asking what language her voices spoke.
  • The waiter politely informed his questioner that the barber would not be on duty until the morning at 8 a.m.
  • The place was hideously lonely withal, and his strange questioner looked powerful enough to have eaten him.
  • Then, fortifying herself to meet the situation with candour, she looked at her questioner straight in the face.
  • A new scholar once questioned her as to her routine of work, and the reply left her questioner speechless with wonder.
  • The stout clergyman in the immaculate white collar beamed benevolently at the questioner and shook his head with a gentle smile.
  • Her mysterious questioner opened a volume, turned rapidly over the pages until he came to one where a chapter ended.
  • The beautiful colour rose slightly as she replied, but she looked straight at her questioner with a directness almost boyish.
  • He answered the questions put him automatically, without looking either at the questioner or at the jury who held his fate in their hands.
  • The old man pursed up his lips, and, with his head on one side, contemplated his questioner in silence.
  • Mr. Falkirk shot one of his glances at the questioner from under his dark brows, and sipped his tea.
  • As a consequence, some knowledge of de Courtois was probably awaiting the first questioner at the inquiry counter.
  • One might at first think that these words would be almost unmeaning, or, at least, that they would give the little questioner no real information.
  • Grainger, who was opposite, heard her, and as she looked across at him, he saw that she was "playing" her questioner and quite enjoying it.
  • Each race uses its own tongue, each age its dialect; but, change the language as man may, he ever remains the questioner of his few great thoughts.

Definition of Questioner

A person who asks questions, or who conducts an official enquiry.
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