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  • This quibbling is utterly foolish and simple.
  • But how can we stay babbling and quibbling here all this delicious afternoon?
  • To Twichell he said: "His quibbling was fatal.

How To Use Quibbling In A Sentence?

  • Newman has often been suspected or accused of quibbling and intellectual dishonesty.
  • After hours of quibbling and legal fencing, a jury was selected, by the crown, to convict.
  • But lawyers' quibbling about which way the rule cuts in this case is not the point.
  • Nor was it to be expected that men who are adepts in sophistry and experts in quibbling could not find a way to circumvent the intent of the law.
  • The Indian is prone to evasion and quibbling rather than to downright lying, though there are many who are utterly unreliable and untrustworthy.
  • It is quibbling and begging the question altogether to say the phenomenon of transparency may be a rare one and so have escaped my observations.
  • I am Trygaeus of the Athmonian deme, a good vine-dresser, little addicted to quibbling and not at all an informer.
  • We shall be guilty of quibbling and of shortsightedness if we look for an explanation of Turkish policy in the seizure of warships and the breach of treaties.

Definition of Quibbling

present participle of quibble | petty argument
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