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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quick | Quick Sentence

  • Pep was a quick thinker.
  • It was all done quick as a flash.
  • Be as quick as you can, please.
  • Dan took a quick aim and fired.
  • Lessingham took a quick step forward.
  • Richard took a quick step forward.
  • Her quick sympathies were already aroused.
  • Lumley gave a quick glance at the bag.
  • They were as quick as house-agents at guessing rents.
  • War requires quick decisions and prompt actions.
  • Come, get into it, as quick as you can.
  • How ready she was to fence, and how quick with her attack!
  • And they are pretty quick judges of character, too.
  • As she expected, the girl laughed a quick negative.
  • But I was too quick for him.
  • A man that doesn't want you quick don't want you at all.
  • Run quick to Pamphilus. PAR.
  • The pallid pair exchanged a quick glance of unutterable relief.
  • Joan gave his hand a quick little squeeze that was oddly maternal.
  • The need for quick work was growing more urgent from second to second.
  • If an alarm was given, they were to rush on them and make quick work of it.
  • There was the quick turn of the lock, sounding like the click of fate.
  • Then he made a quick clutch at the wallet of money, and drew it close to him.
  • The two men, hurriedly departing, directed a quick glance at him.
  • And me, I would run quick to the kitchen or upstairs to finish my work.
  • He summoned Pep to his assistance after giving Randy a quick direction.

How To Use Quick In A Sentence?

  • Lumley gave him a quick look from under his bushy eyebrows, and then bent over the plan again.
  • He rose, throwing back his head and straightening himself with a quick proud gesture.
  • Lee was a thorough man of business, quick in decision, yet methodical in all he did.
  • Her friendlier mood was not lost on Canby who was quick to take advantage of it.
  • There was a genuine ring to his appeal now, and Brigham was quick to answer it.
  • After the roads of Turkey it was a great pleasure to drive at a quick pace over a good one.
  • Lumley eyed the horse with a quick furtive glance, and then looked at Gray again.
  • A quick glance toward the spot where I had left father and Joe showed nothing but darkness.
  • He wanted to realize quick and he offered me the bird house outfit and the rig all for fifty dollars.
  • He had not been there many moments when his quick ear caught the sound of rapid hoof-beats on the road below the house.
  • His quick eye took in the situation and he ordered his men to dismount and take position behind the mules and wagons.
  • I dreamed that something woke me up, and then there was a sort of quick bang, and then something hit me on the head.
  • Amid the din arose a quick succession of deafening crashes, and shot and shell came singing and howling over us from the left.
  • Perhaps if he made a circle, gradually getting closer, by a quick dash he could catch the bridle reins.

Definition of Quick

Moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or capable of doing so; rapid; fast. | Occurring in a short time; happening or done rapidly. | Lively, fast-thinking, witty, intelligent.
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