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  • It came quicker than he had thought for.
  • It withers quicker than the rose.
  • The work was progressing quicker than ever.
  • It was so strong that he spun round quicker than lightning.
  • Why do we make no quicker advances, do you say?
  • But we shall have to make it a quicker passage to-night.
  • He pays a debt quicker to a rich man than to a poor man.
  • The meeting took place quicker than Lawrence expected.
  • He did not wait for an answer, but went on in a quicker tone.
  • I'll fade quicker than spit on a hot stove.
  • I know not exactly why, but my heart beat quicker at this intelligence.
  • The appeal to the man would bring quicker response than that to the Buddha.
  • The eyelid, quicker even than my own thought, shut itself down, but too late.
  • Will, here, can jump on to trouble quicker than any fellow I know.
  • Be merry, masters, while ye may, For men much quicker pass away.

How To Use Quicker In A Sentence?

  • And my experience is they come in much quicker than on their own roots as seedlings.
  • But safeguarded on the way, we should be all the quicker in reaching our destination.
  • The quicker the rate of drying the less possibility is there of the coloured spots appearing.
  • It was something to look forward to, and the days began to go quicker and more brightly.
  • The latter would economize the expense, and the journey would be quicker and more certain.
  • She was quicker than he, seized it and, with one blow, broke it against the table.
  • The French have faults like the rest of us, but they are quicker than most men to recognize logic.
  • Now let's make a break, fur the quicker we get to work the sooner we'll get done.
  • It was at that moment that Ivan, quicker than the others, seized the rifle in his two hands.
  • Gazen, quicker than her father, flew towards Miss Carmichael, and bent over her.
  • His heart beat a little quicker by seeing that they were both postmarked Bean Blossom Creek.
  • Men were hurrying at a quicker pace than the rapid gait which was always noticeable in that thoroughfare.
  • They have gone into many a dormant farm community and awakened the whole neighborhood to a quicker life.
  • Then to make them boil the quicker he had gone out with the tongs to the side of the house for some dry gorse from the gorse heap.
  • Transplanting is always the work of women, since they are recognized as quicker and more dexterous in most work with the hands than are the men.
  • She knew that the train would carry him to his mother's bedside quicker than a horse could go.
  • Let danger threaten, however, and lightning is hardly quicker than the dart of those vengeful convolutions.
  • Then it occurred to him that the better and quicker way to get at the inside would be to deliver the letters to Si.
  • But the swift cloud had already covered half the sky, and the bursts of thunder followed one another now in quicker succession.
  • To prescribe drugs is always quicker than to influence the mind; to cure a morphinist by hyoscine needs less effort than to cure him by suggestion.
  • The sooner we got caught, the quicker the French would discover that our man had given them the slip.
  • But if we got to comin' in regular, they'd smell gold quicker than bees findin' orange-blossoms.
  • They, too, had heard the tolling for the unknown dead, and had climbed a quicker way, leaving fire and cradle behind.
  • We have created cities upon her havens, Parliaments in her capitals, and stronger hearts and quicker hands in her villages.
  • No city in the world furnishes a cheaper, better, and quicker meal for the weary traveller, than a London eating-house.

Definition of Quicker

comparative form of quick: more quick
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