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  • The sand was the same as the quicksand already described.
  • Who builds his house on quicksand runs the risk of his life.
  • The fine gray or beach sand and the quicksand closed in almost at once.
  • Every rock and every quicksand is known to them that lurks in the vast deep.
  • The north-east coast is a region of swamps, lagoons, and quicksand rivers.

How To Use Quicksand In A Sentence?

  • That it was not true quicksand made but little difference so long as it mired teams and wagons.
  • Though the current was at times slow, dangers from quicksand were always to be feared on these prairie rivers.
  • If pecans are planted on land with a quicksand subsoil, the roots are unable to make their way downward through the quicksand.
  • I was taken across one of the quicksand rivers in the ferry by a lovely Ainu girl of about twelve years of age.
  • When he has his victim upon his back, he seizes the opportunity to levy blackmail, for the pool is a quicksand and he suddenly affects great fear.
  • The explanation concerning the gypsum was certainly interesting, but the nature of the quicksand was not the point which Caius had brought forward.
  • Only instead of getting my feet planted firmly on the sod I think I've struck a quicksand bed.
  • Such a quicksand as this is not dangerous to the man or animal who keeps his feet in constant motion while crossing it, but woe to him if he neglects this precaution for a single minute.
  • A minute halt of a loaded wagon in the soft quicksand is likely to be very serious, as the rushing current will quickly undermine it and it will rapidly settle to the wagon bed.
  • Half way across, grown unduly confident, the doctor turned in his saddle to address his daughter when his horse walked into a quicksand and unseated him.
  • The McCoy Nursery was about four miles from my place, and located in a sandy soil with a near quicksand sub-soil.
  • She had done it in blindness, but the veil had been rent away; and, horror-struck, she now beheld the accursed quicksand into which they had blundered.
  • If the bottom of the ditch consists of quicksand or other silty matters, clay or some other suitable earth should be sought in that which was excavated from a less depth, or should be brought from another place.
  • He would not succeed now, for the worst danger was past, and Marcello had found his feet after being almost lost in the quicksand through which he had been led.

Definition of Quicksand

Wet sand that things readily sink in, often found near rivers or coasts | Anything that pulls one down or buries one metaphorically

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