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How To Use Quiescent In A Sentence?

  • Society will not ultimately support him in an absolutely quiescent and almost useless condition.
  • If only the police would remain quiescent for an hour or two more, the danger would be over.
  • And here she was, at midnight, hobnobbing with quiescent murder and sudden death!
  • And the aforetime quiescent masses now demand that Mammon should smile on them.
  • Things were thus quiescent and stagnant, when Fairlie one night at mess told us a bit of news.
  • But of course, being an Englishman, I remained perfectly quiescent and inarticulate.
  • But it was evident from the outset that the most quiescent foreign policy could not prevent foreign complications.
  • Brayfield had gossiped, marvelled and sunk into a sort of apathy of unrewarded and quiescent curiosity.
  • Were we to remain quiescent the armistice might be suddenly broken some day by all our fighting men being hoisted into the air.
  • It should be recalled that this includes essentially active rather than quiescent cases, and is therefore probably too low.
  • Be the work grim or glorious, dread or divine, you have little choice left but quiescent adoption.
  • When actively employed, the Ainu can abstain from food for fourteen or sixteen hours; when quiescent for about twenty.
  • Then it, too, died; and, through the dark that was relieved only by the faint luminosity of the quiescent gas, he saw far off a point of light.
  • Even quite recently, since I left the country, a mountain which had been quiescent for more than 200 years suddenly burst into activity.
  • But, sir, though the war lies dormant, still there is war, and it is not intended that it shall stay in this quiescent state much longer.
  • These "zoospores" conjugate in pairs, and give rise to quiescent bodies, which multiply by division, find eventually pass into the active state.
  • He had been very actively employed for the better part of the last six-and-thirty hours, and both as to mind and body he was in an unusually quiescent state.
  • The equally large island of New Guinea occupies another quiescent area, on which no sign of volcanic action has yet been discovered.
  • He scooped her in his short arms and kissed her lips, with her small face crumpled up against his shoulder, and she lay quiescent enough in his embrace.
  • An eruption of short duration, of which we have no details, occurred in 1447; and after this AEtna was quiescent for eighty-nine years.
  • These cases are cited to show that motion gives rigidity to substances that in the quiescent state are mobile or easily moved, like the straw or the air.
  • Floating fire and wheel were visible only to the stars, and the wakeful eyes of giant scaly monsters lying quiescent in the black waters below; but they were very beautiful nevertheless.
  • The mind has as great difficulty to disengage itself from its custom of thinking, and reflect on new ideas, as the body has to remain quiescent after it has long been accustomed to exercise.
  • On the contrary, we have good reason to believe that they generally made use of this material for the quiescent body of the edifice alone, and that voids were mostly covered with stone or wood.
  • The lofty idealized language of poetry is known, in these days, chiefly through the eye, and its true power is consequently quiescent for the generality of silent readers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quiescent | Quiescent Sentence

  • And now had shaped itself into this anchored, quiescent bridge.
  • She closed her eyelids, and now she appeared quiescent and languid.
  • For this reason, a person in action is warmer than in a quiescent state.
  • Small as it was, though, it was rest, and he remained quiescent once more.
  • Why didn't they purloin a beer-stein, quiescent on a japanned tray?

Definition of Quiescent

Inactive, quiet, at rest. | (orthography) Not sounded; silent. | (cell biology) Non-proliferating.
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