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  • You were the quietest of the lot.
  • I have been one of the quietest men in the college.
  • It was already too late for any but the quietest sort.
  • In this case the quietest of ceremonies may be chosen.
  • The cove is about the quietest spot on the whole shore.
  • Serry, for a wonder, was the quietest of all.
  • Queer the women men fall for, even the quietest of them!
  • Then fell trouble and rage upon even the quietest spirit.
  • Select my quietest gowns, my least conspicuous bonnets.
  • Why, he is one of the best and quietest men aboard.
  • The poor gentleman who was dead was the quietest of the company.
  • It is odd how much of finality there can be in the quietest of statements.
  • The quietest sort was what he had always wanted and never got.
  • His was the seeming of a quiet guest at the quietest of house parties.
  • Her clothes were not unbecoming, but they were the quietest of their sort.
  • This was said without any heat, but as the quietest of conclusions.
  • Oswald, the quietest of the three, glances from time to time at his mother.
  • It always seems to me that Bruges is the quietest city in the world.
  • Sometimes the quietest runnin' bubbles blows up with the biggest bang.

How To Use Quietest In A Sentence?

  • But when the very next day was at its quietest we had just the opposite experience.
  • The house we sought was some distance down the quietest of white-walled streets.
  • It used to be the quietest part of the world imaginable, and now she has set it all by the ears.
  • We will take this walk at the quietest hour in the whole week, between eleven and twelve.
  • Blaze Andrews, the quietest of the lot, also departed without finishing his breakfast.
  • Finally he had them seated to his satisfaction in the quietest and most conspicuous corner of the room.
  • The horses were so fresh that to hobble them two of the quietest had to be caught to round with them the others up.
  • Quarles had a word or two with her before seeing her visitors, and learnt that they were the nicest and quietest people she had ever had.
  • It seemed to her to be the quietest and cleanest they had seen, and at any rate it would be a new experience to dine there.
  • This was said in the quietest possible fashion, but with an air of such certainty that no one dreamed of protesting.
  • It spreads out into the landscape until it becomes one of the prettiest, quietest scenes that heart could wish.
  • However, digging his fingers into the breasts and shoulders of a few of the quietest convinced him that the story could not be far wrong.
  • The quietest and softest demeanor, with gentle and re-assuring words, are all that should be attempted at first.
  • I reached the junction where the road ran across at right angles, and from the shelter of our parapet the road looked the quietest place on earth.
  • Being long and pliant besides, they catch the breeze on blade or stem, and so the foliage is never still on the quietest of summer days.
  • Without hesitation he snatched a suit from several that hung at hand, selecting the quietest he could see, talking furiously as he put it on.
  • Sotteville is the quietest place we ever sleep in; there is no squealing of whistles and shouting of French railwaymen as in all the big stations.
  • The streets, after nightfall, are the very quietest I ever saw in any place possessing one-third of the population.
  • Choosing the quietest roads, Moor showed her the wonders of a region whose wild grandeur and beauty make its memory a life-long satisfaction.
  • The sun was about to set as they took their way by the quietest route to a little public garden in the neighbourhood, where was a grass plot and some seats.
  • The government of her household is admirably administered; all she does is well done, from the writing of a history down to the quietest feminine occupation.

Definition of Quietest

superlative form of quiet: most quiet
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