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  • That quiets them wonderfully.
  • No, sir; I'll go punch cows till Marr quiets down.
  • These things soothed Thor, as a woman's gentle hand quiets an angry man.

How To Use Quiets In A Sentence?

  • It quiets the irritability to which they are liable, more effectually than any other procedure.
  • It quiets down your socialists, cuts down your superfluous population, increases the moral stamina of the nation.
  • If you have a temperature, the blue will have a soothing effect on you; it is a serene color and quiets the nervous system.
  • It's all the fright and the excitement; and when that quiets down they'll go back to their natural divilment and be the same as ever.
  • Let the carpers say what they will, it is nevertheless only the super-earthly, be it ever so obscure, which charms and quiets the human heart.
  • Sometimes scarped beef, lean and rare, salted and spread on very thin bread, quiets the stomach at once, while it is highly nourishing.
  • And I knew that God was gracious and had led me in the gleaming Of a song-shine that is holy and that quiets all my pain.
  • He who always quiets the evil, whether small or large, he is called a Samana (a quiet man), because he has quieted all evil.
  • In a college garden a border filled with delphiniums and madonna lilies is backed by sombre yews, while the thick foliage of elm or chestnut quiets harmoniously the farther distance.

Definition of Quiets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of quiet | plural of quiet
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