Quilted In A Sentence

How To Use Quilted In A Sentence?

  • She was as afraid of him as of the masterful dead woman in the quilted wrapper.
  • She had an old shawl over her shoulders, otherwise she was in her black quilted petticoat.
  • Sara put her face down on the queer, foreign-looking quilted robe and burst into tears.
  • Their clothing is a piece or two of quilted cloth, about six feet by four, or a mat.
  • Made up with white patches, and quilted nicely, a pretty quilt lined with white, will be evolved.
  • She quilted elaborate petticoats for us, knit stockings for Arthur, and was useful.
  • Swinging curtains of quilted burlap protect the walls of the chapels and transepts from flying shell fragments.
  • The first use made of the filamentous matter, was to substitute it for the wadding used in quilted counterpanes.
  • After drinking, he spread some of the quilted mats upon the floor, and threw himself down upon them.
  • The engine would not have been complete, if soft quilted velvet had not masked the steel springs so thoroughly.
  • Each of these caps was, however, quilted with steel links so as to afford a most valuable protection for the head.
  • Woven together and quilted through with strings and horse-hairs, it makes strong, warm, feltlike walls.
  • Along the skirts of the saddle, running almost up to the horn, were round, quilted pads of leather prepared against this dangerous habit.
  • These pieces, from year to year, had been put on as patches, and some of them were quilted on, and some were sewed, and some were pinned.
  • That night, as Roger lay upon the soft pile of quilted rugs prepared for him, his mind was sorely troubled as to his position.
  • Couches of quilted mats, covered with silken embroidery, extended round the room; and a general air of comfort, as well as luxury, pervaded it.
  • Then she sat down before the sitting-room stove and pulled up her quilted petticoat till her thin legs were exposed, to warm herself and not injure the petticoat.
  • Standing in the passage and bowing was a gigantic Chinaman, Kwang-su, the keeper of the gate, in a quilted black robe lined with fur.
  • Underneath that must come the lining proper, of quilted felt of suitable color, which is generally left projecting an inch or two beyond the skin all around.
  • Looking around carefully for the first time, he saw that the van was empty except for a pile of heavy quilted rugs in one corner which he knew were used to protect and cushion cargo.
  • He was dressed in a quilted jacket of olive velvet brocade embroidered in green, with a cloak of blue velvet, breeches of scarlet cloth and a tall cap of the same color.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quilted | Quilted Sentence

  • Old silk dresses, quilted for skirts, are very serviceable.
  • Old Silk Dresses quilted for Skirts.
  • They are doubled, and quilted with thread of the same cotton.
  • The morning sun was bright on the quilted bedspread when he opened his eyes.
  • Even her horse-hair petticoat was quilted with rose-colored silk inside.
  • Close-fitting little black quilted or puffed bonnet to tie under chin.
  • Now this was a comfortable, soft quilted silk cap, with a chinchilla border.
  • They were, like the Tabascan soldiers, clad in thick quilted doublets.

Definition of Quilted

Having the characteristics of a quilt; specifically, having two layers of cloth sewn together, with a layer of padding between them. | Having characteristics that approximate the above to some degree. | simple past tense and past participle of quilt
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