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  • But the quip didn't take as it should have done.

How To Use Quip In A Sentence?

  • That he should be guilty of so cheap a quip in the midst of a serious discussion, astounded me.
  • He is so intent upon his quip or quibble or jest, that he loses sight of more serious things.
  • It was the first time that he heard no joke or quip flash along the forming line to bring cheers or laughter.
  • At least, no one ever suspected such a possibility, for she had a smile and a quip for all, and her laughter was the gayest in the station.
  • They cut him down, to pursue the journey a sadder and wiser Pig, and the butt of many a quip from his fellow-travellers.
  • He moved about the room a very dispirited, moody fool with no quip for anyone, for his thoughts were all on Gonzaga and the treason that he was sure he was hatching.

Definition of Quip

(intransitive) To make a quip. | (transitive) To taunt; to treat with quips. | A smart, sarcastic turn or jest; a taunt; a severe retort or comeback; a gibe.
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