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  • Put off with quips and sentences at last!

How To Use Quips In A Sentence?

  • How they could make the room ring, here by the fire, with all the quips of their old memories.
  • These digressions or deviations are studded with quips and jests, good, bad, and indifferent.
  • Such is one of his sly plans for rousing her to a sense of the impropriety of her ways; but all such quips and cranks are in vain.
  • As for those queer and quaint quips of circumstance that make the oddity of daily life for some of us, few of them had enlivened Mariquita.
  • True, he was most ably assisted in doing so by the droll quips interposed by a tall, thin man of uncertain age, dressed in a greenish summer suit.
  • But at the same time one finds oneself taking a serious pleasure in the huge sorites of quips and fancies in which he loves to present the divine argument.

Definition of Quips

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of quip | plural of quip

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