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  • Neither do cynic quirks and querulous quips.
  • What queer old people those Quirks are!
  • What would the Quirks and Tag-rags think of this!

How To Use Quirks In A Sentence?

  • Where were his gibes, his playful fancies, his quirks and rare conceits, the droll!
  • Among other exquisite quirks of interpretation in the No. 87 above mentioned is the following.
  • His manner was full of quirks and quips and eccentricities, waving his umbrella and gesticulating strangely, with a great deal of action.
  • There were twelve boys in the school, for each of whom the Quirks received the modest sum of two hundred and seventy-five dollars a year.
  • He got some queer quirks into his delivery, and, almost before the Yale crowd could realize it, two strikes were called on the batter.
  • The clerical quirks of banking were day by day disappearing before his persistent faculties, and he was always ready to take on new work for the sake of experience.
  • The Quirks were at breakfast on the day that followed the scene in the Council Chambers; only Denis was absent.

Definition of Quirks

plural of quirk
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