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  • I am sometimes quite ashamed of my plain self when we are going about together.
  • She is quite satisfied not to be happy herself, so long as she can make sure of our unhappiness.
  • This has been going on quite long enough; you are making the house intolerable.
  • She passed the footmen at the door, quite aware of their stares and equally undaunted by them.
  • At the door of their own apartment Patricia stood quite still with a rather blank expression.
  • But, wanting to make quite sure of death, she resolved to take it all, and she undressed quickly.
  • And, quite indifferent as to what might befall him, he walked next day to the Victoria Docks.
  • Under the window were some fragments of a china bowl which she had broken when quite a little child.
  • Hubert had positively nothing to say to her; but she seemed quite happy as long as she was with him.
  • Bruce never guessed that it might be quite as hard for a failure to be unselfish as for a successful person.
  • It really has become quite dreadful to see that poor face looking reproachfully at you all day long.
  • Some were quite boys, not more than sixteen, yet the way they shouldered their loads was wonderful.
  • It appeared that we were occupying what was on the whole a straggling but quite a fashionable part of London.
  • The girl laughed a tinkling laugh which showed her faultless little white teeth and waved her hand in quite the foreign manner.
  • Constance felt Rosamond's head and listened to her heart in quite a professional manner.
  • Disappointed love seemed the only conceivable reason, but I rejected it as being quite inconceivable.
  • But, on the other hand, it was quite a distinctive kind of fighting, and, as such, does not deserve to be ignored.
  • Of the fifty pounds he had received from Ford about twenty remained: he had been poorer before, but hardly quite so hopeless.
  • Then Lydia, having quite recovered her cheerfulness, went to the door, and speedily was no more seen.
  • The confusion of forms and faces became a perfect dream, it dazzled me dizzy, and I felt quite sick.
  • We shall not trace it up to God, as before, but we shall banish all virtue quite out of the world, and exclude it from the universality of things.
  • If there were any force in such analogies, they would conclude quite as much against the scheme of Dr. Channing as against ours.
  • I have often told you how miserable I was then, but I don't think you ever quite understood.
  • But we were quite settled and at home in the house I first remember, when it breaks, picture-like, on my dawning memory.
  • Elinor promised for Bruce and after a little chat Patricia left, feeling that she was making quite a concession to the family tie.
  • Really, I am quite surprised, Emily, that you should make such observations in the presence of servants!
  • I was not quite so tall as to be able to look over and see whom I addressed; nevertheless, I still spoke up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quite | Quite Sentence

  • They are quite wrong.
  • Have you been quite comfortable?
  • I feel quite happy now.
  • Miss, that you are quite as fascinating as your elderly relative.
  • The object of public or administrative justice is quite different.
  • Considered as an argument, this is likewise quite unsatisfactory.
  • And they still seem very wonderful, only not quite in the same way.
  • It had been quite hot in the plains, and was pleasantly cool up here.
  • Judith tossed her pale mane in quite her old superior manner.
  • I don't quite catch your meaning in the second act.
  • You can't quite know what I shall do with it.
  • It is all bare and deserted now, but I remember it quite different.
  • The fighting in Tibet was of course, in one sense, quite a minor matter.

Definition of Quite

(bullfighting) A series of passes made with the cape to distract the bull. | (heading) To the greatest extent or degree; completely, entirely. | (heading) In a fully justified sense; truly, perfectly, actually.
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