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  • There can be some quite often.
  • Seems he went over it quite often.
  • He goes in and out quite often.
  • It quite often happens that way.
  • The scrapings came quite often.
  • There can be a great many quite often.
  • And they tend to get sued quite often.
  • After that the girl went over the parapet quite often.
  • In giving she was quite often giving something.
  • He comes here quite often, to talk about her.
  • Why, yes, monsieur, quite often lately.
  • You hear from her quite often, I suppose.
  • Most any time will do, as I am in town quite often.
  • Eyes flash, lips are set, cheeks grow pale, quite often.
  • Quite often there is nothing but a spongy remnant or the shell is empty.
  • It quite often overflows and submerges the point under consideration.
  • She asks me quite often after the health of him she calls my good father.
  • Or it quite often is nothing more than a two-inch board nailed over the sills.
  • You speak quite often enough, and what you say is to the point.
  • That one the one teaching is one mentioning quite often mentioning that thing.
  • He still quite often saw her, and said they were the best friends in the world.
  • I do not answer your letters, but really I think I do quite often enough.
  • He bugs his parents for a modem, or quite often, uses his parents' modem.

How To Use Quite Often In A Sentence?

  • When they are a little older they are mentioning anything and mentioning it quite often.
  • When they are a little older they are commencing mentioning any such thing quite often.
  • The bitternut is quite often used for rootstocks for the shagbark and shagbark hybrids.
  • But quite often the persons seeking the divorce are really trying to run away from themselves.
  • Wimmin quite often possess superior tallents, but their genius lays in their pashuns.
  • Now, we know that quite often under these circumstances the horse goes perfectly sound.
  • They are generally single, but quite often double, and occasionally triple and quadruple.
  • It takes a month to find out what they're thinking, and then, quite often, it isn't worth while.
  • Phools are quite often like hornets, verry bizzy, but about what, the Lord only knows.
  • We see her face quite often, and in the "Diana Bathing" we behold her altogether.
  • He is frequently too poor to dress in a ministerial style, and quite often he is not known until he begins the services.
  • And it was so with all of them; but as no one spoke of it they were thought to be a very gay company, for they laughed quite often.
  • After the lapse of a day or two this has quite often disappeared, and nothing in the meantime been done with the foot.
  • They could move about three times as fast as a destroyer, and so quite often beat the destroyer to it.
  • Quite often he went skipping about from tree to tree or from bush to bush, sometimes flying and sometimes leaping.
  • More than once he had seen warning glances sent from one fellow to another and quite often a remark had been cut short at his approach.
  • Quite often a woman steps into the center of the circle, and goes through her own dance, while the men leap and dance around her.
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