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  • But what about those men who are quitting us?
  • Already it was time to be quitting the city.
  • Or, quitting both ships, will they land on common ground?
  • I am now on the point of quitting the French Metropolis.
  • The Greek fleet may be quitting Delos.
  • One general remark before quitting this branch of the subject.
  • Just then the factory whistle sounded out shrilly for quitting time.
  • On quitting the office his cheek was flushed, and his manner somewhat excited.
  • I wondered why he was quitting the Vicomte's service.
  • Z├╝lfikar on quitting the Pasha had in his hand a purse of two hundred ducats.
  • I began to doubt if I had gained anything by quitting the desolate island.
  • Before quitting the subject, I can conclude with a more gratifying fact.
  • After quitting Monsieur Laporte, he paid a visit to the count.
  • The fourth month after quitting the Hellespont Xerxes entered Athens.

How To Use Quitting In A Sentence?

  • He avowed over and over again his intention of never quitting the nucleus of his comet.
  • The first few days after quitting the nest must be full of perils for such helpless innocents.
  • It was not treachery, not the quitting spirit, but the whim of a sick and weary child.
  • Dewadat, quitting his couch, stood up for a while, to refresh his wearied limbs.
  • But the little one, quitting me, dances round and round his chair and kisses away that frown.
  • I think of quitting this idle life very soon, for I was not born for luxury and ease.
  • Before quitting the house he asked her if she had had any communication with Miss Lant yet.
  • In this aukward situation he remained for some time, being unwilling to dishonour himself by quitting his weapon.
  • I was therefore considered as a valuable property, and the convent would have suffered a great deal by my quitting it.
  • The door was quickly opened by a very fashionably dressed clerk, who seemed in the act of quitting for the night.
  • Titmouse continued in what he doubtless imagined to be a devout frame of mind, for several minutes after quitting the church.
  • Nigel, on quitting the court, hastened to the residence of the count, to tell him of the result of the trial.
  • All the richer inhabitants who had means of quitting the city, and who were the very people who could have been useful there, fled with one accord.
  • Banfi himself seemed aghast at this cry, and turning round in the very act of quitting the room, cast a glance at his wife.
  • He determined, therefore, to appear to be fast asleep should they, on quitting the room, discover him.
  • The brisk and efficient friction of the skin with a coarse towel and flesh-brush, after quitting the bath, should never be omitted.
  • Captain O'Shanaghan sends me a challenge for quitting the company, when he was in the chair!
  • As he stood alone, bareheaded, on their quitting him, he lifted his hands, but could scarce utter a parting benediction.
  • On his quitting the vessel, as is supposed, a pitch cask was thrown overboard on fire, which had the appearance of a boat till lost to view.
  • When quitting fires, at night, never leave a burning stick across the andirons, nor on its end, without quenching it.
  • In ten minutes after quitting the log-hut where the coach rested, I was in fact plunged in a solitude as complete as it was beguiling.
  • The prospect of obtaining companions of my own age reconciled me to quitting the paternal roof, which I had of late found a melancholy abode.
  • But my reader will complete the picture, and imagine, better than I can describe, how one of my temperament must suffer at quitting such a scene.
  • She insisted, on the day of his quitting Alibi House, that he should write in her album; and he very readily complied.
  • In quitting our somewhat ungracious task, we would not leave the impression behind that there is absolutely nothing in this volume to reward perusal.
  • Its rage, if I may so term it, seemed to increase, for, quitting its hold on the rocks, it fastened upon me with all its tentacles.

Definition of Quitting

present participle of quit | The deliberate ending of something. | The ceasing of a habit, especially smoking cigarettes or other addictive behaviors.
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