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  • Gray turned a quivering face upon him.
  • A light heat-mist was quivering over the plains.
  • A smile curved her lips as she gazed at the quivering sunbeams.
  • Her quivering limbs already were nearly yielding as he spoke.
  • He glanced down at his horse's quivering sides.
  • There was a little tilting of the nose and a slight quivering of the nostrils.
  • He awoke quivering with joyful excitement at being saved from sudden death.
  • The dark coil of water seemed suddenly agleam with quivering lights.
  • He changed his theme; the feeble quivering hands clasped his belly.
  • Dolly, strung to some high quivering pitch, felt a sudden terror.
  • Yet may it wake a deathless theme And send it quivering to the heart.
  • Gleamed white from underneath His tawny, quivering beard.
  • And Rhoda stood with stormy, tear-dimmed eyes and quivering lips.

How To Use Quivering In A Sentence?

  • Her little face was quivering under the suppressed energy of what she was going to say.
  • Then he laughed again, quivering until the earth seemed to shake with his contagious merriment.
  • On either side the walls were murmurous with delicately quivering aspens and sighing pines.
  • She did not reply, her eyes shifting from his, her teeth set tight on her quivering underlip.
  • She turned a white face toward him, the eyes black, the nostrils quivering with passion.
  • Mole stood a moment rigid, while his uplifted nose, quivering slightly, felt the air.
  • His face was purple; his eyes blazed; his massive form was erect, and quivering with fury.
  • A second time Ortheris drenched the quivering body with water, and the giant revived.
  • Watching alone with enigmatic eyes, Dark wings on pale flower-petals quivering . . .
  • She just stood looking at the quivering bushes which closed up behind him and showed which way the man had gone.
  • He breathed softly among the branches of the trees and set every little leaf quivering and whispering.
  • The girl lifted her chin as haughtily as it is possible to lift a chin that is quivering with held-in sobs.
  • The jagged rocks that threatened him in his dream would pierce his quivering body and he would be found dead on the floor.
  • There she sits behind the fragrant jasmines and the quivering mimosas, herself as pale as the jasmine flowers and as tremulous as the mimosas.
  • In less than twenty seconds he made a slight quivering in his face as if he were about to sneeze, and very soon he did sneeze slightly.
  • It was mid-afternoon when the three rode into the quivering yellow haze of the desert followed by a little string of pack horses.
  • I could still see his pale face and his quivering lip, and his piteous pleading lingered in my ears.
  • Gabriel, his head protruding from his stall, watched this scene with dilated eyes and quivering nostrils.
  • Cesca kindled a fire so tiny, so clear, that scarcely a wisp of smoke escaped into the quivering air.
  • Nearer and nearer it came till the quivering metal lay close against his ear and the iron tongue of the bell smote him like a bludgeon.
  • He had seen on the horizon, through the quivering heat-mist, three cypresses pointing with black fingers to the sky.
  • A slow, quivering motion passed through his whole system from the feet upward, as if he wished to rise from the ground.
  • Titanus was astonished to see a man so loyal and reflective, and hitherto so quiet and self-possessed, now quivering with indignation.
  • It seemed to the quivering Americans that the gates were mocking them by drawing farther away instead of coming nearer.
  • Then the eastern end yielded also, and soon was almost hidden in some woods, where it made but a faint quivering among the trees.
  • He wound the lash that he had brought, around his brawny hand, and one by one the blows fell fast upon the quivering flesh.
  • His eyes were afire, his face twitched, his hands trembled, and he was plainly struggling to say what his quivering lips refuse to utter.

Definition of Quivering

shaking, shivering | present participle of quiver | A motion by which something quivers or trembles.
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