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How To Use Quizzed In A Sentence?

  • There she broke through the orthodox repression of her calling and quizzed the chief.
  • I was in no mood for this sort of chatter and quizzed the fellow as to our beds.
  • When she did not do that he moved impatiently, as if resentful of being quizzed this way.
  • How I quizzed him for approaching an armed post at night without knowing the parole.
  • How I quizzed him for approaching an armed post at night without knowing the parole.
  • As they ate, Jack and Billy quizzed the Mexican as to the topography of the surrounding country.
  • Amaryllis was aware how they all stared at her and quizzed her over and over; her hair, her face, her form, but most of all her dress.
  • Multitudes came to see an Emperors devotions, but they only quizzed his shaggy beard or tittered at the antiquated ceremonies.
  • You will see later on in Paine's statement that I quizzed him on the same subject.
  • He went first to the Seaboard Drug Store, where he quizzed the druggist for five minutes, after which he continued his cruise.
  • My friend Galloway told me how he had quizzed the Council of the Royal Society, to my great amusement.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Quizzed | Quizzed Sentence

  • That over, he quizzed me for a few minutes.
  • How unmercifully has he quizzed the poor woman!
  • He quizzed subordinates; he made abrupt transfers, to no avail.

Definition of Quizzed

simple past tense and past participle of quiz
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